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Callowhill is a district near the center of Philadelphia that has managed to transform itself from a largely industrial zone into a prime piece of residential real estate.  It has much to offer residents in the way of close proximity to business centers along with the amenities associated with luxury homes.

Callowhill is sometimes referred to as the Loft District.  A number of the multi story office buildings in this zone have been converted into loft style housing.  They have attracted many young professional and artists into the area who enjoy the cosmopolitan nature of the locale.

The place is also well sited in regards to the Vine St. Expressway, Broad St., and Pennsylvania Convention Center.  The district also adjoins Chinatown which is one of the most frequently visited locations in Philadelphia.

The boundary to the north of the zone is Spring Garden St.  It runs south to Vine St.  Broad St. bounds it on the west, 8th St. on the east.

History and Tradition Intertwine in Callowhill

Callowhill is named after William Penn’s second wife. Real estate here was not devoted then to luxury homes, but became the province of large scale manufacturers.  The industrial architecture left behind has been put to new uses through residential development.  This has revived the area from the doldrums it went through in the 70’s and 80’s when the population declined.  The loss of industry in the area led to the vacating of a number of structures that began to fall into disrepair.  Many of the formerly grand factories were abandoned.  While population has grown in recent years as the area revives, the density here is still lower than adjacent districts, and the zone is surprisingly uncrowded for a site so close to the city center.

Developers have taken interest of late in converting a number of structures into residential towers.  These condo conversions can be quite upscale and give many young professionals the chance to own something close to a luxury home in the heart of the city.

Expressway Makes a Clear Divide

The Vine St. Expressway in effect walls Callowhill off from Chinatown.  Some Chinatown shops may use the district as an adjunct to their businesses, but by and large each district has its own particular firms and ways of conducting operations.

The Reading Railroad train trestle is a distinctive feature of the real estate in Callowhill.  Area residents have expressed a desire that the elevated line be turned into a park along the lines of Manhattan’s High Line Park.  Such elevated parks have met with great success in other locales as well.

This district is compact allowing people who live here to be within walking distances of shops, restaurants, and many businesses.  Perhaps that is why the place has become such a hit with young people.  They understand the value of location when it comes to making a real estate purchase.  Luxury homes in Callowhill are something of a state of mind for them.

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Boundaries: North/South: Spring Garden St./Vine St.
East/West: 8th St./Broad St.

Callowhill Neighborhood Association: http://www.callowhill.org/

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