For shopping enthusiasts, finding a good deal is not only an important money saving endeavor, but it’s also a thrill. Bargain seekers and retail fanatics in Philadelphia are extremely lucky. This city boasts a never-ending supply of thrift stores offering quality vintage and secondhand goods at affordable prices and there’s the chance to discover rare and unique goods. Not to mention hours of relaxing and pleasurable browsing. Regardless of whether you are pinching pennies, seeking stylish vintage clothing, looking to enhance your home décor, or simply partaking in a bit of retail therapy, Philadelphia has you covered for low-cost and unique shopping experiences. Have a look at our favorite thrifty shopping destinations and have some fun uncovering all of the hidden treasures within these charming shops.

  1. Philly Flea Markets

Okay, so this one might be cheating just a little bit because it’s not technically a brick and mortar retail shop, but we really couldn’t go without mentioning all of the amazing thrift finds at Philly Flea Markets. With a constant schedule of indoor and outdoor markets, the Philly Flea Markets organization brings together a spectacular collection of vendors with merchandise that will thrill lovers of vintage and secondhand goods. Each Philly Flea Market event hosts approximately 60 vendors, and many of them focus on repurposed/upcycled goods alongside antique crafts and vintage clothing. Essentially, Philly Flea Markets’ core purpose is to bring together dozens of thrifting opportunities to one location. We definitely recommend checking out one of these markets but be warned, you are likely to get hooked on this amazing shopping experience.

For more details, have a look at The Mike McCann Team’s interview with Philly Flea Markets owner, Tony Soprano, and get the inside scoop as to why these markets are worth your time.

  1. Jinxed Philadelphia

Jinxed Philadelphia has 5 locations throughout the city and offers products that are hip, retro, strange, fashionable, and fascinatingly beyond description. Their wacky range of off-the-beaten path products makes the whole shopping experience just downright fun. The clothing and accessories are quirky and cool with many finds that are great for eye-catching accent pieces or adding just a touch of weird to your wardrobe. They specialize in vintage toys that will delight your inner child and can be used for nostalgic fun or spicing up your home as perfectly bizarre decor.  Jinxed’s uncommon offerings of antique camera equipment and photographs will wow the photography or film enthusiast in your life and make great gifts for your artistically inclined friends. The household products and art pieces that Jinxed offers make it a great location to find items that will add a little flair to your living spaces and show off your decoration skills. With endless products and numerous locations, Jinxed Clothing is an absolute blast for Philadelphia thrifters.

  1. Anastacia’s Antiques

We couldn’t be more overjoyed once we discovered the infinite treasure hunt that is Anastacia’s Antiques. This elegant antique shop showcases a theatrical Victorian Era flair with a selection of chilling curiosities, stylish furniture, stunning jewelry, and bold fixtures within a thrilling and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. The staff is passionate about their goods and they pride themselves on their helpful and friendly customer service. At Anastacia’s Antiques, lounging and loitering are encouraged because the owners designed the store in a manner that allows guests to spend as long as they please enjoying their bizarre collection.  The merchandise at Anastacia’s Antiques may not offer next-to-nothing, bargain retail finds as they lean more towards an antique shop than a thrift store, but a common attitude of their patrons is that the prices always remain fair and affordable. This one-of-a-kind shopping destination is definitely worth a visit, if only to experience the splendor of their products and the magnificent space that they have created.

  1. Habitat For Humanity ReStore Philadelphia

The Habitat For Humanity ReStore location in Philadelphia is a phenomenal option for discounted home improvement materials, furnishings, and decorative items. This South Philadelphia destination offers barely-used furniture, modern home appliance, various home goods, and even cabinetry and building materials for large scale projects. The Habitat For Humanity ReStore is volunteer run with 100% of their profits going towards building and repairing homes in Philadelphia.  Not only does this organization offer some of the lowest prices around, you can rest assured knowing that the money you spend is going to an amazing cause. Great deals and a charitable contribution all in one! Do not pass up on the bargains at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore.

  1. The Resource Exchange

This crafty, Fishtown-based, nonprofit organization offers secondhand building materials, home furnishings, fabrics, office appliances, craft supplies and many other useful, salvaged products. Opened in 2009, the Resource Exchange was designed to reduce waste in the performing arts community. As a result, much of their selection of donated and repurposed materials come from film and theater sets and are offered at cut rate prices that promote sustainability and a focus on conservation. Their doors are open to organizations as well as individuals for projects both big and small. Beyond their environmental benefits, this store is simply an enjoyable place to browse, shop, and get inspired. On display are many visual art pieces created by regular customers and they have monthly features from reCreate artists who fashion works of art designed to promote environmental conservation.

The Resource Exchange offers a fantastic mix of materials and products with many mind-blowing finds that will thrill the treasure hunter inside of you.

  1. Circle Thrift

Circle Thrift is a thrift shop with a heart of gold. Run by the generous Circle of Hope organization, proceeds go towards numerous charitable efforts. This store does a miraculous job of, as their mission statement reads, “bring[ing] hope to the challenges of 21st Century urban life.” With locations in both Fishtown and Passyunk Square, Circle Thrift strives to provide products at the lowest possible cost while creating jobs and building stronger community relationships. Their stores are well-maintained and organized with a huge supply of clothing, accessories, records, books, electronics, and more.  Circle Thrift offers an eclectic mix of just about everything and focuses on high-quality, usable items. The compassionate mission statement and altruistic nature of this company, in combination with the spectacular and practical shopping that they provide, makes this a must stop shop for thrifty Philadelphians!

  1. Sophisticated Seconds

As the shop name implies, Sophisticated Seconds is one of the classiest thrift stores around. With locations in the Rittenhouse and Graduate Hospital neighborhoods, these retail destinations specialize in designer quality clothing, accessories, and jewelry for work, play, and everything in between. Styles range from modern to classical, and their selection is extensive and ever-changing. The store is delicately arranged while still possessing a touch of that thrift store fun that we all love. These are great shops to visit regularly because of their amazing sales and everyday deals – you never know what unbelievable purchases you will find!

  1. Retrospect Vintage

Retrospect Vintage is definitely one of our favorite thrift stores. Located in the center of Philadelphia’s iconic South Street, this shop has a wide array of upscale vintage clothing including dazzling accessories and a wonderful selection of quirky footwear. They also offer excellent furniture options as well as colorful, uncommon artwork and household decorations.  The Retrospect staff works to keep the inventory fresh, new, and fun, taking great care to display their items in an artistic and eye-catching fashion. The store is highly organized which makes for an easy, low-stress shopping experience, making it a perfect place to browse through and find a new signature piece for your home or attire. As if this amazingly curated shopping experience was not enough, Retrospect is run by Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia and the shop proceeds go towards the Goodwill mission. Great affordable finds with charity in mind, this is an idea we can get behind!

  1. Keys to the Attic

Keys to the Attic, located in Fishtown, is the top stop for vintage furniture, offering what they refer to as “shabby chic” or “cottage style” furnishings that have practically endless uses, both practical and decorative. Their fast-moving inventory offers an incredible range of great purchases, and they even offer tools and workshops that can help you learn how to refurbish or redesign the furniture that they sell. The staff is super handy and always willing to help start people off on their desired projects. Keys to the Attic offers amazing products that promote sustainability and, if you are interested in repurposing vintage furniture, you can learn a new hobby there as well.

Learn more about Keys to the Attic in this Mike McCann Team interview with owner, Catherine Jennings.

  1. Philly Aids Thrift


Oh boy! There are many reasons why Philly Aids Thrift is at the top of our list. First and foremost, we love the work that they have done to preserve important facets of Philadelphia’s history with the purchase and preservation of Giovanni’s Room, the oldest LGBT bookstore in the country by repurposing it as an additional Philly Aids Thrift location. They also make a huge charitable impact by donating their profits to local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Not only is this store all around amazing for an uncountable amount of reasons, but on the simplest surface level, it is an amazing place to shop. Between their Queen Village and Washington Square West locations, they offer an infinite amount of options and their retail space seems to go on forever, providing hours upon hours of engaging browsing. The prices are excellent and the selection is diverse – sometimes even bizarre! No matter what your need, whether it is clothing, furniture, decorative items, appliances, electronics, or an old record from a long forgotten 80’s metal band, you can find it at Philly Aids Thrift. This organization offers everything you can imagine and more. Philly Aids Thrift is not only a Mike McCann Team favorite but, it is safe to say, they are a Philadelphia favorite as well. We thank and congratulate them on the huge contributions they make to our community.


We encourage you all to go out and explore these distinct shopping options. Spoil yourself with some affordably priced wares and enjoy the diverse retail experiences that Philly has to offer!