10 Neighborhoods with Affordable Housing for Millennials

Navigating your way through the great city of Philadelphia is easier than you think — and if you’re looking for a place to live, that process can be quite simple too. With help from The Mike McCann Team, finding quality, yet affordable housing that meets your needs is possible. For years, our team has guided Millennials just like you in the process of procuring their dream home or condo right here in the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia is a thriving city that masterfully combines affordability with a lively nightlife, daytime attractions, diversity, restaurants, and career viability. In case you didn’t know, there’s an expansive list of things to do in Philadelphia. Not to worry — we’ve shortened it to our favorite must-dos. Check it out below:

The housing market today favors both buyers and sellers, and there is an array of homes available across Philadelphia to choose from. If you’re unsure which part of the city you want to call your home, here is a list of ten desirable neighborhoods to explore:

Rittenhouse — A neighborhood unlike any other in the area is Rittenhouse. This luxurious and diverse area combines culture, art, food, and a ton of greenery to bring you charming urban elegance.

If you’re looking for a luxurious, yet affordable home in the beloved Rittenhouse neighborhood, no real estate agent is better suited than Melissa Valenti. Melissa has over 12 years of experience in the industry and is an expert at catering to the needs of her clients to find them their dream home in Center City and surrounding areas. Contact her at 215-939-5823 to get started on your search!

Fishtown — When you travel through Fishtown, you’ll experience a neighborhood brimming with delicious food, entertainment, and a number of small, green parks. Millennials enjoy the relaxed city living that the neighborhood offers, with the addition of cultural and economic diversity.

If you would like to secure your next home or view luxury condos for sale in Fishtown, bordered by the Delaware River, Arvind Balaji is the expert you need. Arvind has worked around all facets of real estate and has the hustle and tenacity needed to pursue leads in the competitive Philadelphia housing market. If Fishtown is the neighborhood for you, call him directly at 267-815-2016.

East Kensington — If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a balance of old and new, purchase your next home in East Kensington. The community boasts industrial history, artisan craftsmanship, and new developments that promote a greener environment.

Let Richard A. Fravel, Jr. find a home tailored to your needs in a diverse community that’s studded with small businesses. With over 15 years of experience, Richard is one of Philadelphia’s pro real estate agents. Call him today at 215-789-4445 to view the luxury homes for sale in East Kingston.

Manayunk — All of your favorite restaurants are within walking distance. Trains and buses are easily accessible, and Center City is just a short ride away. Manayunk is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for a mixture of a relaxing and quiet week with weekend sounds consisting of fellow neighbors hitting up local bars.

University City — Millennials will feel right at home in University City, an area filled with energy, diversity, and vibrant living spaces. The neighborhood is concentrated with institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. There are a variety of home styles and modern condos that are affordable and ideal for young professionals. When the weekend rolls around, and you begin to crave a little nightlife, walk to local bars or use accessible public transportation for a short ride over to Center City.

Temple Town — You’ve guessed it — Temple Town is home to Temple University. The growing and expanding Temple Town neighborhood continues to merge communities that augment creativity, diversity, culture, and architecture.

Fairmount — This desirable neighborhood is in close proximity to the Art Museum, which is why it’s often referred to as the “Art Museum Area.” There is a plethora of perks to living in the small Fairmount neighborhood, with a variety of affordable housing options. Fairmounters are just a mile and a half outside of the heart of Center City. Not to mention you can enjoy running, walking, or biking through the beautiful expanse of greenery that is Fairmount Park.

Northern Liberties — Located between Callowhill Street and Girard Avenue, Northern Liberties is home to a diverse group of individuals. From recent graduates, professionals, and young families, the neighborhood continues to thrive off of its youthful demographic. You’ll find countless housing options that are local to shops, bars, and restaurants — and at a price you can afford!

Graduate Hospital — A wave of young residents settle in Graduate Hospital for affordable, yet upscale living. The neighborhood is quite sought-after due to its proximity to Rittenhouse Square. Just east of Schuylkill River, the area attracts all types of young adults. It offers a balance of peace and quiet, with exposure to a variety of sights and a great social scene.

Fitler Square — If the words “Urban Elegance” resonate with you, Fitler Square should be on your radar. Over the years, Fitler Square, located just below Rittenhouse Square, has become one of Philadelphia’s most posh neighborhoods. You won’t have trouble making your way through the assortment of restaurants and bars that fill the area, but you will enjoy the short walk it takes to get there. If “low-key” describes your ideal living space, Fitler Square is the neighborhood for you.

If you’re looking to live in an area filled with endless activities, history, and cultural diversity, Philadelphia’s melting pot is just for you. Let The Mike McCann Team help secure your dream home in an economically viable metropolis ideal for Millennials. Call 215-709-4141 today!

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