Why 1925 Lounge Changed Philly Nightlife

Entertainment, in its most simplistic form, sets out to allow the mind to believe it is somewhere else. The greatest movies, books and songs engage with the consumer so deeply that you almost believe you are really there. It is in this space where 1925 Lounge exists. As the name may suggest, the general aim of the club/bar is to allow its customers to propel themselves into the past in order to celebrate the distinct 1920’s style in modern fashion.

Located at 17th and Sansom St. in the distinguished Rittenhouse neighborhood, 1925 Lounge is at the heart of upscale Philadelphia hospitality. Brain Taylor, GM, took some time to explain his vision and share his creation with us. Taylor states, “Under the direction of Leverage Hospitality Group an opportunity to create a refined, sophisticated and sexy lounge was born.” Given the opportunity Taylor set out to create an ambitious nightlife destination, offering a classy, nostalgic and one-of-a-kind experience. He describes the result as a “luxury 1920’s inspired nightspot featuring dramatic décor, specialty cocktails and new American cuisine.” This humble description merely scratches the surface of the experience that this enchanting lounge provides.

The atmosphere provides the effect of being transplanted into the grandiose environment of a party at Jay Gatsby’s mansion. The intricately patterned walls are accented by ambient lighting and candles while the velvet, deep oak and plush leather décor contributes to the lounge’s high-class appeal. It seems as though no detail has gone unnoticed which allows patrons to be fully engulfed in the cultured aesthetic.

“Imagine sitting in your most comfortable couch while being entertained by our service staff –with libations and 1920’s themed cocktails…we set the ambiance for the ultimate experience.”

There are multiple ways to experience this space, as Taylor describes to us, “We provide our guests the option of our main area featuring open format music with ample bottle service and general setting options…if guests prefer to relax while listening to sensual house music and classic 80’s pop music, our velvet room is ideal.” The lounge is also available for private parties and corporate events.

As you would expect the food and drink available is top-notch. Signature cocktails such as the ‘the Al Capone’, ‘the Fitzgerald’, and ‘the Coco Chanel” are deliciously crafted with a focus on class and quality.

The Food

The cuisine is freshly prepared with the finest ingredients – available in small plates and shareable items. Taylor highlighted a few crowd favorites; “Our most popular dish is our Caprese Salad – mixed with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil vinaigrette and balsamic dressing. We pair this favorite with our shrimp spring rolls with wasabi-lime aioli. The detail in selecting which cocktails or wine selections to pair with each meal takes each offering to the next level.”

The Service

1925 Lounge approaches their service just as passionately as their menu and décor. Taylor and his staff ensure that the experience is one to remember and cherish, “We go far and beyond to cater to both the intrinsic and extrinsic needs of our guests. By executing flawless steps of service we aim to deliver the highest level of hospitality with every guest. We believe treating our guests and staff with respect and appreciation is contagious and will be measured by those who choose to return and refer friends.”

This level of customer interaction and service is what completes the signature 1925 Lounge experience. Taylor knows that this can only be possible if the people they serve understand and can buy into this enchanting world. The 1925 staff understands the culture of Philadelphia and push themselves to meet the needs of the community.  Taylor states, “From the historical significance of our history to the diversity of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods we operate with the luxury of having well educated entertainment aficionados to serve.”

As for the future, 1925 Lounge will perpetually deliver the best of the past in the most elegant of fashions. So whether you have a bachelor party, a corporate event, a special birthday to celebrate or just need a healthy dose of the highlife, I’d suggest stopping in and making a night of it. In the meantime, Taylor and his team intend to continue perfecting their brand while continuing to offer top-notch entertainment for their clientele with the goal of creating lifelong memories.



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