4 Best Places to Celebrate Pie Day in Philadelphia

Tomorrow, March 14th, is pie day!!  3/14, 3.14 means you have a fabulous excuse to treat yourself to a magnificent, mouth-watering pie.  Of course you’re now wondering, ‘But where can I get delightful pie?’ Just read below! You won’t regret indulging in any one of these tasty treats.

(in no particular order)

1) Magpie–known for their delectable sweet AND savory pies, you can’t go wrong at this bakery. Plus their signature Butterscotch Bourbon pie is just $3.14 tomorrow! Win all around.

2) Flying Monkey–you may have heard of their pummple cake–or chocolate and vanilla cake with pumpkin and apple pie baked inside all filled with vanilla buttercream–but we’re more interested in their miniature pies! We hear the mini banana cream pie is ambrosial.

3)  Isgro Pastries–they’re known for their cannolis, but their pies should not go overlooked! Apple pie, keylime pie, pecan pie…you can’t go wrong! (Although we hear that if you look up apple pie in the dictionary, Isgro’s pie should be there, so if you had to choose, choose apple!)

4) Do whoopie pies count? We say yes, if only just because they’re delicious. Plus we have to throw a pie out there for our vegan friends! The Grindcore House has scrumptious whoopie pies that you’ll never ever want to stop eating. Plus they’re located right next to Dickinson Square Park, which always has cute dogs running around. Vegan pie & puppies: seems like an awesome Friday to us!

Wherever you end up, enjoy pie day! You really can’t go wrong if there’s pie involved.

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