4 Reasons Late Summer Is the Best Time to Buy a Home in Philadelphia

You’ve likely heard that summer is the best time to buy a home, especially if you have kids and want to get them settled into a new routine before the school year starts. However, real estate reports show that the ideal time to purchase a house is August or September. Why is this? We’re glad you asked! Here’s how you can benefit from buying a home in late summer:

There’s Less Competition

It’s true that the Philly housing market booms during the spring. However, while there are several properties to choose from, such as various South Philly houses for sale, the competition is greater. Due to this, home buyers either have to pay far outside their budget or lose the place they fell in love with.

You can save yourself from the heartache of parting ways with homes you dreamed of owning by shopping for houses during the late summer season. Since few people are searching for homes during this time, you’ll have a better chance of securing a place you love.

You’ll Receive a Better Price

Another reason to put off an offer on a home until late summer is the price reductions. Come August and September, many sellers begin to panic that their house hasn’t been sold yet. In response, they’ll start reducing their home’s price. If you can hold out on buying a house until late summer, you just may be able to get a new home at a price that’s kind to your budget.

You Can View the House at Its Finest

By late summer, the flowers have finished blooming, and the trees are nice and lush. If you start the home searching process during this time, you’ll have the opportunity to tour open houses when the properties are at their finest. If the landscaping could use a little work, you’ll know right away. There will not be any guessing games about the condition of the lawn, flowers, or trees.

You’ll also get an idea of the noise level and community within the neighborhood. You’ll know if kids play outside regularly and if the neighborhood gathers at the local pool.

You’ll Have Time to Complete Projects & More

Buying a home in August or September ensures you can complete home improvement projects without melting in the heat or freezing in the cold. You’ll also have time to soak in the joys of your new backyard before the winter season forces you inside.

Speaking of inside, when you purchase a home in late summer, you’ll have plenty of time to decorate each room and get settled before you need to concern yourself with shoveling snow, shopping for the holiday season, or planning a Christmas party.

Late Summer May Be the Time to Find a Home

Have you decided it’s time for a new home? You may be wary about starting the house hunting process since it’s not spring or early summer. However, there’s really no reason to wait! If it’s August or September, and you’re ready to start looking at houses for sale in Fairmount, Philadelphia, and beyond, get in touch with a qualified real estate agent right away.

The Mike McCann Team can help you get the best deal on housing prices and overcome any competition, no matter the time of the year. Reach out to us today to begin searching for your new home in Philadelphia.

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