5 Scents to Make Your Home More Enticing to Potential Buyers

Have you ever been to an open house and noticed a plate of freshly baked cookies on the counter? This wasn’t by happenstance. The seller’s agent likely recommended the homeowner bake fresh goodies right before the showing to create an inviting environment.

If you’re looking to sell your Main Line real estate or a home anywhere else in Philadelphia, you will want to consider focusing on the scents permeating the air in your space. After all, smells sell. When home buyers are enticed by the aromas in your house, they can more easily envision themselves living there in the future. We recommend incorporating citrus, vanilla, green tea, pine, or cinnamon scents into your home before an open house or showing.

Smells That Sell: Move Your Home Off the Market With Scents That Delight the Nose

A tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies may have been your grandmother’s trick for enticing people to buy homes for sale, but research has shown that several other scents encourage buyers to invest in new real estate. Here are the top fragrances you should infuse into your property during the home-staging process:


Citrus is the number one scent for selling your home. Fruits like lemons and oranges smell like cleaning products and leave a positive impression on those who smell them. The best part is that citrus is a fairly subtle scent. People viewing your home will feel a boost in their mood and enjoy the beauty of your space without being distracted by an overwhelming aroma.


There’s nothing quite as relaxing and soothing as the fresh scent of vanilla. Because of its calming properties, vanilla is in no way a boring scent to diffuse throughout your home. Prospective home buyers will instantly feel at home as they tour each room.

Green Tea

Want to make your home stand out from the competition? Add green tea essential oils to your diffuser or light a green tea-scented candle. The crisp aroma will invigorate potential home buyers and restore their inner harmony.


Pine is a popular scent associated with the winter holidays. When used in the right amounts, pine can promote feelings of well-being and spark memories of magical celebrations. These are certainly feelings you want to inspire in prospective buyers.


The spicy scent of cinnamon evokes the memories of cool, crisp holidays wrapped in blankets and huddled with family. Not only will this scent help potential buyers feel cozy in your home, but it will also entice them to invest in your property before someone else can.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

Are you searching for solutions to make your house smell amazing before putting it on the market? Here are the top ways to infuse your home with the scents that sell:

  • Clean: It doesn’t do any good to simply mask the unpleasant odors permeating the air. Instead, you need to eliminate the offensive smells at the source by deep cleaning. Consider hiring a professional to clean your carpets, rugs, sofas, curtains, and any hard-to-reach places.
  • Bake Homemade Goods: Do you love to bake? Put your skills to good use by baking homemade bread, cookies, cake, or pie. The scents will have future home buyers dreaming of living in your house.
  • Burn a Candle or Diffuser: Some of the best ways to spread the smell of citrus, pine, or vanilla throughout your home are to light a candle or turn on an essential oil diffuser. With a diffuser, you don’t have to worry about an open flame getting knocked over.
  • Simmer a Pot of Fresh Ingredients: An easy way to make your house smell good during an open house or showing is to boil a pot of water on the stove and add spices to the water. Cinnamon sticks and cloves work well for the fall or winter, while lemon rinds match the joy of summer.

Ready to Sell? We Can Help!

Entice people to buy your home by making it smell like a place they can imagine themselves living in. Your real estate agent can help you determine which scents best suit your location and the time of year.

For more information on how to sell your house, contact The McCann Team today. In addition to selling your home, we can help you explore new homes and condos for sale in Center City, Philadelphia, and beyond. We look forward to connecting you with the right buyer and your future house!

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