5 Unique Philadelphia Workouts to Spice up Your Fitness Routine

From the most avid exercise enthusiasts to my fellow, gym hating couch potatoes, everyone needs a little inspiration to keep us moving forward in our fitness pursuits. These unique options will help you to mix things up, stay motivated and keep your workout routine fresh and fun. Who knows, maybe these workouts will make it a little easier to stay fit, even for those of you who would rather be reading an article on the five best bakeries in Philly right now.

  1. Yoga for Dudes with Jake Panasevich

Now, I wholeheartedly agree that Yoga is for everybody and that everyone, regardless of gender, should feel comfortable in a yoga class. That being said, I can’t help but love the Yoga for Dudes classes by Jake Panasevich. This male-focused yoga routine focuses on the particular strengths and challenges that pertain specifically to yoga practicing men. These classes are offered for all levels, from beginners to pros, and assists with strength, flexibility, injury recovery, rejuvenation and pain alleviation. Panasevich uses his extensive experience and athletic education to design his classes in a manner that allows his clients to learn and improve in complete comfort. Yoga for Dudes classes are offered in multiple convenient locations throughout Philadelphia. Gentlemen, you now have the opportunity to experience the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of yoga. Get together and do it!

  1. Pilates Apparatus @ Ploome Fitness and Lifestyle Boutique

The Ploome Fitness and Lifestyle boutique brings something truly special to the Philadelphia fitness scene. Their Pilates Apparatus classes utilize numerous devices throughout an intense circuit workout in order to enhance strength and endurance. During each session participants will be exposed to a selection of workout enhancers such as Wunda Chairs, a Tower Wall, Jumpboards and a device known only as… The Reformer (dun, dun, dun). I would absolutely be lying if I pretended that I knew what any of those things were, but they certainly sound exciting! Have no fear; these devices simply cannot be as intimidating as they sound – so give it a try! Ploome is a highly-respected, award winning Philadelphia studio and they promise to beat your gym boredom with this adventurous and surprising workout.

  1. WOAR Classes @ City Fitness

Now, The Mike McCann Team loves the folks at City Fitness, as much as we love clever puns and word play. This is why the intense ‘Weapons of Ass Reduction’ class is one of our favorite workouts in Philly. Not only is the wording amazing, but the class is well-developed and effective. City Fitness promises to help you burn calories, while shaping and toning your glutes by attacking this focus area with a “blitz of exercises.” Where else can you find a full fitness class just for your booty? Register now!

  1. Philly Dance Fitness

The Best of Philly Award-winning, Philly Dance Fitness promises to have you working, shaking, moving and dancing your way to improved health and a better physique. Their diverse blend of talented, skilled and passionate instructors ensure that each class will burn calories, increase strength, improve your endurance and teach you some new moves along the way. Philly Dance Fitness has an enormous (I’m talking humongous) selection of classes, ranging from African dance all the way to Zumba. This A to Z selection guarantees that anyone, at any level, with any interest, can find a class to meet their needs. Don’t worry, If you have dance moves that are the equivalent to Carlton on The Fresh Prince (millennials, please Google) have no fear, Philly Dance Fitness emphasizes an all accepting, zero judgment, zero embarrassment atmosphere. I promise, if you go to a class with Mike McCann or myself getting down to the music, no one will be paying any attention to you!

  1. Kaya Aerial Yoga

Kaya Aerial Yoga definitely deserves the number one spot on our list, because of the expansive health benefits of their classes; as well as, the gorgeous aesthetic appeal of this practice. Using aerial hammocks to reduce body weight and stimulate essential acupressure points on the body, this specialized form of yoga methodology increases flexibility and builds muscle, while producing a meditative and rejuvenating effect. They have a wide range of options, ranging from gentle and welcoming beginners courses to advanced acrobatic courses. They also organize and host workshops and special events. The staff at Kaya is highly trained and they consistently focus on the comfort and enjoyment of their clientele. Aerial Yoga is an amazing, ornate, positive and holistically beneficial practice and, personally, I can’t wait for my “first flight” at the enchanting Kaya studio.


Skyfitness @Skyzone

Skyzone, the gigantic trampoline playground, makes my inner child scream with delight. One of the greatest aspects of Skyzone is that they welcome children of all ages, which definitely includes 30 year old blog writers and real estate professionals of all ages(trust me, I asked). Their facilities offer an amazing way to burn off stress by literally bouncing off the walls. Their Skyfitness and Skyrobics classes allow you to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour, while toning your muscles through an exciting and low-impact workout. Can you think of a more enjoyable way to get in shape? I can’t!

If you don’t mind taking a trip outside of the city, head over to a nearby Skyzone and get involved in their phenomenal workouts and “fun fitness” activities. If things go my way, the next Mike McCann Team outing will definitely involve some Ultimate Dodgeball at Skyzone.

That’s it! Whether you love the gym or hate it, you now have plenty of ways to mix things up, get inspired and get motivated. Reinvent yourself by reinventing your fitness regimen! C’mon, you can do this Philly!

P.S. Tune in soon for that article on the 5 best bakeries!

Written by Patrick Kaisinger

(Mike McCann Team Blogger Extraordinaire)

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