The 6 Step Recipe for Perfectly Staged Homes

The 6 Step Recipe for Perfectly Staged Homes

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Amanda Alligood, Owner of Sunflower Creations, a full service home staging and interior redesign firm. Based out of Philadelphia, this firm has an impeccable ability to transform homes and drastically improve their presentation. We asked her for some insider tips on getting listed homes in tip-top shape for showings, and she blew us away with her customized 6-step staging process. Alligood adorably describes her staging formula as a recipe that breaks her methods down into easily manageable and attainable steps. This simple recipe for staging perfection is guaranteed to increase your home’s appeal. Alligood confidently states that after following this process, “you should be well on your way to putting the SOLD sign in your front yard so get ready to celebrate!” Follow her simple process below in order to give your home the Wow Factor!

The Sunflower Creation “Wow Factor Recipe”

3 cups – Declutter

1 1⁄2 cups – Depersonalization

2 tablespoons – Furniture Arrangement

1⁄4 cup – Paint Color Neutralization

2 teaspoons – Window Treatments

2 teaspoons – Decorative Accessories

Step 1 – Declutter

Prepare to declutter by creating a list of each room with a plan of attack – then remove that clutter! Keep appliances and utensils off kitchen counters, clean off desks, and hide laundry baskets. Sort items into three categories:

  1. Keep
  2. Donate
  3. Trash

Step 2 – Depersonalize

Once you have decluttered, you must now add depersonalization. Personal photos and other personal belongings should be packed away for the big move. After all, you are creating the “WOW FACTOR” and should be on your way to a new home soon, so why not start packing now?

Step 3-Neutralize

Take it down a notch. Bright, bold colors and/or wallpaper should be removed and replaced with neutral paint. If your walls are bright white, add warm neutral colors to create a welcoming “move-in-ready” vibe.

Step 4-Rearrange

Now let’s add a dash of furniture rearrangement. Leave three feet of space between furniture and walls to allow for easy maneuvering throughout each room. Furniture should not block doorways, closets, or windows. Remember – less is more! Too much furniture will shrink a room. If your room is feeling overcrowded, place a few pieces in storage until your home sells.

Step 5-Lighting

Open those drapes! Allow the natural light to shine through whenever possible, and make sure to warm windows up with some neutral window treatments if none currently exist. Simple, pattern-free panels are the best – and most affordable – solution.

Step 6-Accessorize

Add a splash of decorative accessories to set the stage for “WOW”. A book and throw blanket on an ottoman in a cozy corner will show potential buyers where they could curl up and read. Place rolled up towels, flowers, candles, and soap in the bath to create a spa-like environment.

That’s it! Mix all ingredients together with the right price, chill some champagne and wait for your first offer.

The Sunflower Creations team is extremely passionate about the power of proper home staging, striving to, as Alligood states, “create spaces that appeal to all home buyers and show home owners how the right furnishings, staging tactics and design can help properties sell fast and maximize profits.” They put client satisfaction at the top of their list, and Alligood assures us that her company is built on “creativity, passion for design, honesty and respect.” But Sunflower Creation also remains humble and willing to learn – they take client suggestions seriously and make sure to work with their ideas. Sunflower Creations is a truly innovative and honorable company and we are always thrilled to work with them.

Following this recipe for staging success could be the key to selling your home fast! And don’t forget – it never hurts to reach out to a pro to make sure your property really shines. Contact Sunflower Creations if you want to see your home come alive with a new visionary look!

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