A Pig in Northern Liberties? A Blind Pig Too?

With the “Best Balls in Philly,” The Blind Pig, Northern Liberties’ favorite restaurant rookie, is quickly approaching its 1 year anniversary! Located at 702 N 2nd Street, it’s a place where the only advertisement needed is amazing food, great drinks, and an awesome atmosphere and staff. And with such an astounding gourmet mark made in its first year alone, it’s definitely going to be in the NoLibs lime light for a while.

Believe it or not, the usually on-site owners of the Blind Pig, David and Crazy Debbie are a couple! David has an extensive resume in the Philadelphia restaurant industry that extends from Flat Rock, Tir Na Nog, Tavern on Green, London Grill and (for all those who want to show their age) Ludwig’s. Now, Debbie doesn’t do too bad herself. She’s also been in the business, working at Uno’s, Kelly Ann’s, and Restaurante Panorama. Together, these two have created a menu that’s supportive of local markets, imaginative and inventive, and incredibly delightful.

Take the Blind Pig’s specialty – Thanksgiving Balls and Blue Balls! Hand made with turkey, stuffing, and surrounded by mashed potatoes, then breaded, deep fried, and served up with gravy and cranberry sauce, it’s an all year round good time. Blue Balls, on the other hand, are a little different as they’re handcrafted with short-ribs and gorgonzola cheese instead, but still lavishly surrounded by mashed potatoes, breaded and deep fried. But take note, because these are just one of the many gourmet bar foods that they have to offer.

Adding to the laidback but still mature vibe, is the unique vibe it gives. Once you spot the piano, you’ll feel torn between paying homage to Frank Sinatra and John Wayne.

Get a closer look here.

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