Philadelphia is One of the Best Cities for Singles in 2012

New York may be known for sex in the city, but there are quite a few hot cities for singles. Some are steamy and some are surprising.  Sexy cities aren’t just about number of available dates out there, but also factor in income and living costs.  With that being said, take a look as to why our very own Philadelphia is the perfect city to be single in.

For instance, did you know that our City of Brotherly Love is also the land of 53% single citizens?  As an epicenter of culture, Philadelphia boasts a vibrant and diverse life that extends throughout every neighborhood.  Typically considered a smaller, more affordable version of New York and D.C., Philly does keep up by hosting various entertainment and cultural options.

Some examples of great hot spots are:

  • Johnny Brenda’s in Fishtown, where you can enjoy eclectic and elegant ambiance, and sip on deliciously unique drinks.
  • Chops in Society Hill where the steak is as incredible as the service the wait staff provides.
  • Washington Square Park, where the relaxing scenery and stunning statues will
    spark conversation just as enjoyable
  • Bella Vista Beer Distributor, Inc. where one can discover the history and importance of the master beverage distributor of  fine beers, imports, microbrews sodas and juices.
  • North Bowl in Fishtown that offers bowling, contemporary bar cuisine, and a funky, fun vibe that brings out everyone’s inner bowler.
  • Or stroll down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and enjoy the many shops, restaurants and bars, and sites which it offers.  Then top it off with a visit to our gorgeous and enlightening Art Museum.

So, whether you’re searching for that special someone in sultry, South Philadelphia or in the brisk breezy Bella Vista, you can rest assured that at any lounge, park, or corner there may be someone special.


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