Bubbles & vitamins & minerals & Rich Fravel? You’ve gotta try Pollock’s Kefir Pop!

Ever wonder what our team members are doing in their spare time (or what little spare time they have :)? Well Rich Fravel, our Fishtown and Northern Liberties expert, and his business partner Paul David, have a pretty delicious, bubbly side project and it’s coming to Philadelphia!!!

Pollock’s Kefir Pop, a lightly fermented, fizzy, probiotic soda will be available at the fabulous Bodhi Cafe, located at 263 S. 10th Street, starting Mary 12th! And it’s absolutely worth a trip to the shop to try it. Not only is it delicious, it’s good for you!

What is Kefir Pop?:

  • Water Kefir is a naturally fermented and carbonated drink brewed from Kefir grains.
  • Vegan and gluten free, it is loaded with enzymes, beneficial acids, vitamins (including B) and minerals.
  • It’s locally and lovingly created! Kefir Pop is handmade in Kutztown, PA using local, organic ingredients as much as possible.
  • Approximately 40 calories per drink.
  • It comes in an amazing array of unique flavors include Ginger-Pineapple, Cranberry-Lime, Coconut-Mango, and Lemongrass!
  • It’s a refreshing probiotic beverage filled with vitamins and beneficial enzymes!

If you can’t make it to Bodhi, no worries. Kefir will be on draft at the Philly VegFest on June 14th from 11-4 at The Shambles located at 2nd and Pine! Get excited, it will make your taste buds sing!

For more information about Pollock’s Kefir Pop (or about how he can help you with your Real Estate needs!) please contact Rich!

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