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Small Business Spotlight: Candelles

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Major, owner of Philly-based candle company, Candelles.  We discussed the company’s inspiring origins, the reasons for their success and the future of the business. It did not take long for us to fall completely in love with this adorable company.

The inspiration of Candelles is one of the most beautiful stories we have ever heard. Kelly Major had some experience vending handmade candles but gave up her craft to move on to new opportunities. In July of 2013, her grandmother, who she affectionately referred to as “Honey”, was diagnosed with cancer. Honey was given 6 to 8 weeks to live. This news threw Kelly’s family into both emotional and financial hardship.  In order to sort through her emotional turmoil and combat these new financial issues, Kelly reawakened her entrepreneurial spirit and designed a new line of candles. She called this line, “Sweet as Honey” and it featured scents that reminded her of her grandmother.

Honey loved this idea and pitched in with the design of the labels. Kelly spent Honey’s final days with her, creating and designing candles. She considered this opportunity to be an absolute honor. Before passing, Honey left Kelly with some extremely valuable advice. Kelly recalls, “She told me it was now or never, I couldn’t just expect a good life to fall into my lap and that I needed to work hard for what I wanted.” From this inspirational message, Candelles was born in Honey’s memory.

Kelly has thoroughly enjoyed watching her business grow with the help of her amazing team over the past 2 years. She loves being a Philadelphia business owner and puts a great deal of effort into serving her community. She collaborates with other businesses whenever possible. One of her favorite companies to work with is popular Philly, vintage boutique, Scout Salvage. She also collaborates with Compliment, a local charity that focuses on empowering women, by producing candles with a positive message on them.  A percentage of the sale of these candles is donated to foundations supporting under served women. She loves the “culture and community in Philadelphia.” Meeting other locals with a passion for D.I.Y crafts is one of the best aspects of her job.

In the future, Kelly hopes to expand her business, eventually opening up her own storefront. With the help of her amazing coworkers, CJ Graff and Amy Boyle, she is confident that Candelles will meet its potential and continue to honor the memory of her dear grandmother, Honey.

Written by Patrick Kaisinger
(Mike McCann Team Blogger Extraordinaire)

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