Changing the Landscape of Philadelphia

How V2 Properties is Changing the Landscape of Philadelphia

One of the most beautiful aspects of Philadelphia real estate is the constant collaboration between professionals in the field. When motivated and dynamic individuals come together in this business, a lot of big ideas give way to a great deal of action, yielding positive results.

This is the reason we were so excited to bring Mike McCann Team Realtor, Jim Onesti and Owner of V2 Properties, Vince Viney together for a discussion about all of V2’s exciting real estate developments in Philadelphia. Onesti’s 15+ years of experience and his extensive knowledge of the Philadelphia market allowed him to ask all of the important questions, revealing the beautiful and enlightened business model of V2 Properties. Their discussion uncovered some amazing ongoing investment and homebuyer opportunities that are definitely worth pursuing.

There are many reasons why we are keeping a close eye on V2 Properties and we recommend you do the same. Viney and his team are making some major moves within the Philadelphia real estate market. Be sure to stay informed!

Onesti: Vince, how did you become the President and Founder of V2 Properties?What lead you to this business?

Viney: The concept of V2 Properties came about as I started my search for a new construction home for our 1st vacation home in Ocean City, NJ.  During my search, I was consistently disappointed with the level of quality and finishes of the entry level vacation home.  Much to my disappointment, what I saw from developers were inferior finishes, poor workmanship, bathrooms fabricated out of tub & shower surrounds instead of tile applications, and materials more focused on making the developer’s bank account grow vs. the buyer’s satisfaction and happiness with their new home.  At that moment, it became my calling to bring something different and better to home buyers. (Read more about the V2 Properties mission.)

Onesti: Can you tell us about the general operations of V2 Properties? What does your company do exactly?

Viney: At V2 Properties, we serve many different functions, ranging from managing our investors’ money, acquiring vacant lots and distressed properties, overseeing and managing the construction process, contracting with contractors and sub-contractors and making all design decisions for our finished homes.  Once we acquire a property, we oversee the entire process ranging from designing our homes with our architects, all the way to the finished product. We also must apply our expertise with more complex projects; as well as, those that require demolition and building variances. These types of projects require us to meet with local community groups and present our plans in an effort to collaborate with our neighbors to build a product that is satisfactory to all affected stakeholders.

Our company is very concerned with how we impact the local neighborhoods in which we work and we always strive to be a good neighbor and make sure we leave our locations in better shape than we found them. Throughout our building process we use only the best professionals that have decades of experience building quality homes. Hiring the best costs more money but our #1 objective is to deliver high quality homes to our clients. Our reputation is of paramount importance to us.  Our homebuyers and realtors know that when they buy a V2 Properties home they will have a hassle-free experience and move-in-ready, high quality home. Building a home is a complex process and no matter how careful and skilled you are, there will always be some challenges. What makes us different from our competitors is how we address and rectify problems when they arise. Rule #1 at V2 Properties is simple, but extremely powerful; Our reputation is built upon a foundation of trust and we live by the golden rule – treat others as we would want to be treated. It is our guiding principle and the basis for all of our decisions.

Onesti: What type of community engagement is V2 Properties involved with in Philadelphia?

Viney: V2 Properties is fully committed to the improvement of impoverished areas throughout the city.  One example of this is the turnaround we’ve lead through the revitalization of the Whitman neighborhood, which is just south of Pennsport. We have built approximately 30 homes in this neighborhood as we saw the true potential in the great neighbors that already live in this area and take great pride in their ownership. Rather than just build a couple of homes, we made a multi-million dollar investment to revitalize this great section of South Philadelphia. Rumor has it that this area is now affectionately referred to as “Vineyville” as an acknowledgement of how we’ve fully committed to this turnaround.  What was previously an area in a decline is now a very desirable, sought out neighborhood.  This does not surprise us, as we were believers all along. One more example of our commitment to the turnaround of declining neighborhoods is the work we’ve done in East Kensington. We’ve built well over 20 homes in this area and continue to invest heavily in this area, which is rapidly improving each and every day.

Other ways we’ve committed to local communities is by making substantial community donations. We’ve paid for a new electronic, high-end football scoreboard to be installed to a local youth football program as well as deliver a full educational scholarship sponsored by V2Properties.

Onesti: Amazing! What sets homes built by V2Properties apart from other Philadelphia properties?

Viney: When working with V2Properties, buyers can expect the type of world-class experience that a new homebuyer deserves. We have a strong reputation that precedes us. When we give our word it is our contract. We deliver on our promises and always, always, always do what we say we are going to do. Our approach is quite simple – when there is a problem, we fix it and when we fix things, we fix them properly. We are a company that takes pride in doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We never accept 2nd place and will continue to develop properties that are known to deliver the best quality and value in the Philadelphia market. We deliver homes that are priced at market value and include amenities that are not offered by our competitors. Our goal is to remain the benchmark by which others are measured. Our target buyers are the over analyzers, because the more carefully that they evaluate value, the more certain we are that they will ultimately choose a V2Properties home. (Be sure to check out some of these high-quality V2Properties homes.)

Onesti: What are the long term goals of V2 Properties? What should we look out for in the future?

Viney: V2 Properties is committed to having a long lasting, positive impact in all of the areas that we work. We are a company that builds with the intention of withstanding the test of time. Our homes are built with quality materials made by quality craftsmen. We are here to stay and plan to remain the largest single-family homebuilder in the Philadelphia market. Our #1 objective is to be known for our quality and to be a company where buyers seek out our homes because of their confidence that they’ll have the type of experience worthy of remembering. Buying a home is probably the single most important purchase that many of us will ever make. We want to ensure that our role in the home buying process makes our buyers and realtors know that they can buy with confidence when they choose a V2 Properties home.

We work with almost 60 private investors and have a flawless track record over the past 12 years of delivering the full committed returns on our investor’s funds.  Anything short of perfection is unacceptable and our investors have come to accept nothing less. We are 100 percent committed to moving forward in the same manner.

Like I said, when great minds come together, big things happen. The Mike McCann Team truly prides itself on ethical practices and serving our community. We love Philly and appreciate the fact that Vince Viney and V2 Properties share the same love and moralistic approach to their business dealings.

We thank Jim Onesti for organizing this powerful meeting and Vince Viney for sharing his magnificent vision with us. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with V2 Properties, because of their amazing reputation, mindful practices and driven work ethic. We can’t think of anything more glorious or characteristic of Philly’s spirit than a business that bases their vision and goals on “The Golden Rule.” We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this company and what effect they will have on The City of Philadelphia.

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