Olde Kensington

A great deal of interest has developed around Olde Kensington as of late, though it’s hardly surprising to the citizens who call it home. Following the remarkable improvements spearheaded by neighboring communities, the once industrialized area is blossoming into a great destination for homebuyers.

About Olde Kensington

The area boasts many parks and recreation centers with lots of open space for play and relaxation. Olde Kensington is known for its dynamic culture that injects creative energy into both the culinary and nightlife scenes. The already existing coffee shops and restaurants show a fierce dedication and interest in their community, only driving up the neighborhood’s commercial potential.

The positive community appeal of Olde Kensington has already sparked a great deal of interest, leading to constant new developments in business and real estate. Olde Kensington provides an opportunity make a home within a truly caring community.

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Population by Age Level. Median Age 28.31. Households: 7,866.

In Thousand of Dollars. (Median Income: $35,490)

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Olde Kensington is a North Philadelphia neighborhood located between Cecil B. Moore and Girard Avenues, spanning from Front Street to 6th Street. The area offers an impressive range of housing options for prospective buyers including new construction homes, stylish converted warehouse condos and traditional Philadelphia townhouses.

Northern Liberties and Fishtown are just around the corner, and the culture, growth, and popularity of the three neighborhoods only serve to bolster each other’s success and prosperity.

Olde Kensington Schools & Education

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The School District of Philadelphia is the eighth largest school district in the nation, by enrollment. Located in a historic and culturally rich setting, Philadelphia is a racially and ethnically diverse community committed to education. The School District of Philadelphia operates 214 of the city's 300 public schools, including 149 elementary schools, 16 middle schools, and 49 high schools. The remaining 86 public schools are independently operated charter schools. Charter schools are authorized by the School District of Philadelphia, and are accountable to it.

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