Cory J. Popp: Capturing Philly’s Hidden Beauty

Have you noticed the stunning time-lapse image of the Philly Skyline on our homepage? Cory J. Popp, a well-respected filmmaker and journalist based out of Philadelphia, captured this spectacular shot. We love his work so much that we couldn’t help but share all of his outstanding projects with you!

Philadelphia is a magical city, and no one captures the majestic nature of our gorgeous locale better than this award-winning filmmaker and journalist. As a South Philly native, Popp is a true Philadelphian, even boasting his degree in journalism earned from Temple University.

The main focus of his cinematic passion is telling the remarkable stories of Philadelphia and its wonderful citizens. Popp spends his days fervently capturing and editing footage in order to display truly impressive – and sometimes understated – beauty of the City of Philadelphia. His various projects focus on the lives of the city’s citizens and their unique undertakings, including events and one-of-a-kind locations all over the city. He has a special ability to skillfully capture artful shots with great finesse, using time-lapse photography to demonstrate how natural elements, such as cloud formations and sunsets, provide glorious backdrops that highlight Philly’s architecture and unique character.

“I love Philadelphia as a subject because it’s all around me and because there’s a growing sense of pride that Philadelphians have for their city,” confessed Popp. “I love being able to show it in a great light as I see it.”

There is nothing we appreciate more than someone who shares our love for Philadelphia, especially when they use their exceptional talents to capture its unparalleled elegance in a way that creates an unprecedented sense of wonder. Check out Cory’s impressive portfolio of work on his website and YouTube channel, and be sure to check out some of our personal favorites below!


Cory J. Popp: Philly in Bloom

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