David Lynch: The Unified Field in Philly Until January

Are you one of the Philadelphians who has seen the name David Lynch popping up all over the city but are unsure who he is? That’s okay, we were too! We spent a little time doing some research and are here to give you the low down on this brilliant artist.

David Lynch is an artist and filmmaker who has had an explosive career, creating the films “Eraserhead,” “The Elephant Man” and the TV series “Twin Peaks” as well as a ton of other cult classics. He attended The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and Philly loves him!

Why is Philly all about David Lynch right now? Well he returned to Philly to host a gallery entitled David Lynch: The Unified Field. Lynch has carefully organized this exhibition to display films, paintings and drawings that he has created throughout the years. With over 90 works of art, the show is said to be intense, mysterious, disturbing and emotional. This is Lynch’s first time displaying his art in this magnitude in the U.S., which is quite a treat for Philly.

We are so excited to have this world renowned artist’s works displayed in our city. The exhibition will be here until January 11th but don’t hesitate and risk missing this spectacular opportunity! Check out the details here and find some time to see the works of your new favorite, legendary artist.

Bonus! You can also view an exhibit dedicated to the influence that Philadelphia had on David Lynch’s career. “Something Clicked in Philly: David Lynch and His Contemporaries” aims to explain the profound effect that Philadelphia had on Lynch and his artwork. How cool, right?

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