Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday November 2nd – don’t forget!

Believe it or not, it’s Daylight Saving Time already which means you fall back, enjoy more sleep and have a brighter morning, which is especially great news for you early risers, outdoor morning walkers/runners, and children waiting for the bus!

We have a ton of amazing open houses this weekend and wouldn’t want you to miss any of them. So make a little post-it note and pop it on your bathroom mirror, create an alert on your iphone or just go the old fashioned way and use a mental note to remember to change those microwave, car, wrist and grandfather clocks you may have lying around.

Enjoy the “extra” hour of sleep and we’ll see you at the opens this weekend!

p.s. for extra points, do you know what clock is above? It’s one of our Philly favorites!

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