Dhyana Yoga: Small Business Spotlight

The Philadelphia Yoga scene has experienced explosive growth in recent years with studios popping up all over the city! Each studio has its own unique personality with diverse class schedules and specialized styles. We really appreciate the popularity of this meditative practice and its focus on wellness, balance, healing and physical fitness. While there are a lot of studios to choose from, we were very excited to chat with the fantastic individuals at Dhyana Yoga and find out what makes their studios so exceptional.

With multiple locations throughout different areas of Philadelphia (and New Jersey), Dhyana Yoga is truly dedicated to bettering the lives of their clients. Diana Vitarelli opened her first studio in Philadelphia in 2002. Why did she decide to make the move to yoga studio owner? Well, she felt, quite simply, that Philly needed more yoga!

From the beginning, she focused on providing skilled teachers and creative classes. Things that she would want to take herself with teachers she respected.  Diana and her husband John Vitarelli have continuously expanded their business and adding more locations with a wider range of classes. They now offer teacher trainings and educational workshops. When you ask Diane about her team, she smiles and shares that they are a giant family that always supports each other, sharing in life’s ups and downs. You can’t miss the caring environment and it makes the classes, studio and culture truly wonderful.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Dhyana Yoga is their non-profit location, the Seva Center. The Seva Center donates all of their profits to organizations, families and individuals in need in the city. Their most recent project is to create a community garden in the Fairmount Area where locals can rent plots and grow their own vegetables. They have amazing volunteers helping them reach their goals. We love Dhyana Yoga’s focus on giving back to the community they work with, in so many ways!

Dhyana Yoga isn’t going anywhere; if anything, they’re just beginning! Their plans for the future include expansion of studios, more meditational and spiritual offerings, and an increased online presence. They are dedicated to continual improvement based on their client’s needs and giving back to Philly in any way they can.

Everyone at Dhyana Yoga has a lot of heart and their dedication to charitable causes is extremely inspiring. We are very grateful for our opportunity to meet the kindhearted and inspirational people working there. We thank them for their service to our community and wish them the best for their future endeavors. It is companies like this that keep Philly awesome!

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