Dining Out at Franky Bradley’s

Dining Out! at Franky Bradley’s

Dining Out! is the Mike McCann Team’s new column about all of the great places to eat in Philly, from the classic spots to the hidden gems.  Read up on all of these fantastic restaurants that keep our city de-licious!

Franky Bradley’s

Franky Bradley’s is an awesome restaurant, nestled in the heart of Center City. Owner, Mark Bee, based the restaurant on the original Franky Bradley’s restaurant which once stood on the same location for 50 years. It has a diverse menu of scrumptious dishes and bar snacks, a bar stocked with eclectic beers and wines as well as a full lineup of DJs and performers. We recently spoke with Joe Ferrone, General Manager of Frankey Bradley’s about everything that makes them so great! After hearing all about the amazingly unique and fun atmosphere of this restaurant, we just might have to make it our new, go-to nightlife spot!

The Style

“We sometimes use the term American medieval to describe our atmosphere. The restaurant has all sorts of knickknacks and kitsch that the owner has found over the years. I always say that he opened up a restaurant just so he could get all of the stuff he had out of his house. We have all kinds of interesting artwork, really unique swag lamps from the 70s, comfortable booths and dim mood lighting. It is really just a kind of throwback, kitschy, comfortable, fun, warm, environment. We have our nightclub upstairs where we have live music, DJs, performances and burlesque events, it really just adds a whole level to what we are doing. We are not just a restaurant, we are not just a nightclub, we are a fusion of both in one place.”

The Food

“We serve a variety of American comfort foods. We aim to offer something for everybody and we always use the best ingredients that we can get. We have some really talented chefs who bring a lot of creativity to the kitchen. We have a lobster pierogis dish, a duck pappardelle, homemade pasta, a brisket sandwich, a chicken parmesan sandwich, a full-on ribeye, a fish dujour that we prep daily and tons of apps and snacks. We try to get creative and be down to earth at the same time with our food.  We serve food until 1 am and offer a great place to hang out, have a few drinks and enjoy some good food.”

Check out their menu.

The Service

“Our staff goes through a really extensive training program, learning all about the food, wine and cocktails. We don’t do a stuffy, corporate style of training though. We are a family, we try to play off of each team member’s individual strengths and make a family kind of feeling amongst everyone. I think that comes out when you are here, whether you are dining, sitting at the bar or catching a show, the atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. This allows customers to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Our crew really takes care of guests in their own natural way.”

Special Features

“We have a few, traditional style cocktails, a Hemmingway daiquiri, an old American which is a take on an old Cuban, our wine list is exceptional and our beer list has something for everyone.  We have bud light on tap but we also have bold IPAs and our bottle selection has a few sours, unique ciders and some beer that most people have never heard of like our Icelandic beer, Einstök. We also pay homage to the original Frank Bradley’s location through some of our dishes and our atmosphere. ”

Franky Bradley’s offers a dining experience with a multitude of options and a top-notch beverage selection in a cozy, fun environment. They pride themselves on offering a laid-back place for people to unwind and step back from the hustle and bustle of city life. The owners and staff have loved watching the restaurant thrive thus far and are looking forward to a future filled with excellent entertainment and good times with great people. We can’t wait to see you there, Philly!

Written by Patrick Kaisinger (Mike McCann Team Blogger Extraordinaire)

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