The Divine Lorraine is officially starting exterior construction

Shopping, restaurants galore and a speakeasy bar with a secret entrance? Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well we may just be getting all this and more in one of Philadelphia’s iconic, yet empty and abandoned, Divine Lorraine building in North Philadelphia.

Eric Blumenfield recently took KYW on a tour of the grand and long-abandoned Divine Lorraine and it’s pretty awesome. They’ve begun removing graffiti and officially working on the exterior of the building and we’re filled with excitement about what’s to come!

Plans are to convert it into apartments and 12,000 sqft of retail space. Rumor has it that Blumenfield is looking into the possibility of the space becoming a hotel once again.

There used to be a speakeasy in the building with a secret entrance, and Blumenfield says they’re planning to reactivate it. How cool would that be? Restaurants on both sides of the downstairs lobby, renovations to the gorgeous architecture…we can’t wait to see this Philadelphia landmark rejuvenated and become a central part not only of our history but our future.

Wanna check out the inside of this amazing building? Check the YouTube videos out here. You can also follow along on Instagram.

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