Easy DIY Tips to Winterizing Your Home

Autumn is in full swing, which means it’s a good time to start winterizing your home.

Use these easy tips to avoid the winter blues of home maintenance.

  • First, start off the season by getting your furnace inspected and cleaned if necessary.
  • It’s also wise to change the filters on your furnace every month, for better energy efficiency.
  • Then, consider getting a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one.  Your wallet will thank you once you see the savings!
  • Ever think about your fireplace?  It may need attention too. Keep out pests by putting a cap or screen at the top of the chimney and consider hiring a chimney sweep if it’s been a while since the chimney was cleaned. Get your firewood ready, and store it in a dry place, away from the exterior of your home and make sure the damper opens and closes properly.
  • Next, check the doors and windows of your home. Put weatherstripping around doors and caulk windows to keep cold air out. Seal any exterior cracks. Put up winter screens or storm windows, if you have them.
  • One more thing you want to do is to clean out the rain gutters around your home. Clean out debris with a hose. It’s a good idea to put leaf guards on the gutters and extensions on downspouts to keep water away from your home, as well.
  • Check your foundation for any entry points small animals could squeeze through and seal them up. The last thing you need when it’s cold is a rodent problem.

Just remember these easy and affordable tips and you could be sailing through winter!

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