Fishtown: The Mike McCann Team’s Insider Guide

Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood is an area with humble, working class roots that has experienced an economic boom which resulted in many new residents and a youthful, electrified atmosphere. The area is marked by beautiful murals, hip bars, groovy cafes, dog parks and a lot of very cool young locals. All of this revival and growth is mixed in with the historic architecture of Fishtown, serving as a reminder of the constant evolutionary energy of Philly. The most distinct thing about Fishtown is the overall feeling of excited anticipation you experience in the neighborhood, the type of feeling that vibrates from the soles of your feet to the center of your chest, letting you know, without a doubt, that something is happening here and for whatever reason, you want to be a part of it. There is nothing else quite like Fishtown.


Fishtown definitely knows how to eat. Our personal favorite has to be Pizza Brain, which offers excellent pies plus a museum dedicated to pizza related artifacts! Pizza Brain goes to great efforts to stay extremely weird, causing them to rest in a perfect balance of too much and can’t get enough. Also, if you don’t overdo it on the pizza, Little Baby’s Ice Cream is right next door with the best vegan ice cream around and the strangest marketing techniques the world has ever seen. Fette Sau is another Fishtown favorite, featuring Stephen Starr inspired barbecue dishes, bordering on upscale dining. Loco Pez is a Mexican inspired restaurant that offers a lot of new spins on old favorites, even offering a “cowboy menu” for all of the urban cowboys out there. Sketch Burger receives a lot of hype and for good reason, they serve up bangin’ burgers for vegans and omnivores all day long.


Not only does Fishtown have tons of coffee shop, but they are also all phenomenal. Steap and Grind has a simple mission: to provide excellent coffee and tea at reasonable prices. They also specialize in exotic loose teas for you tea-efficianados! Milkcrate Café has coffee, food with funny names, records for sale and free Wifi. Dare we call it a hipster’s paradise? ReAnimator Coffee takes their coffee very seriously, providing detailed information about the origin of their beans so you can not only enjoy a brew, but know where it came from and some of its history. They serve outstanding, delicious, kick-your-teeth-in coffee and it is easy to see why they are beloved by locals. It is certainly not a challenge to stay wired in Fishtown!


Fishtown is all about beer, beer and more beer. Leave all your knowledge about fine wines and fancy cocktails at home when you visit because Fishtown prefers craft beers over champagne and Yards over martinis. They even mix frosty brews with their exercise routines, so join the Fishtown Beer Runners (yes, that’s a thing) for some drinking and jogging in the name of science! When it comes to a night out, the best place to start your night is Frankford Hall in their roomy, cool, outdoor seating area equipped with picnic tables and ping pong. The inside is just as cool, so don’t let weather keep you from this Fishtown hot spot. Barcade is another slice of Fishtown awesomeness, something of an adult inspired Chuck E. Cheese’s without terrifying giant rodents. Barcade has alcohol and tons of old school arcade games; do we really need to say anymore? Johnny Brenda’s is another neighborhood gem, featuring live music, pool tables, dark and fabulous decor and low-cost fun for everyone. JB’s is seriously one of the most fun bars in Philly. The Barbary is a great place to bounce off the walls, dance your stress away and really unwind. They offer a dive-y feel and a constant supply of off-the-beaten-path events and shows. Top top it all off, you can even book a tour of a real live brewery at the Philadelphia Brewing Company! Come out to Fishtown and have a blast, Philly!


Everyone in Philly has their own style, each making their own statement and representing their own unique creativity. For price conscious shoppers, Circle Thrift has everything from the zany to the quirky to the gorgeous for just pennies on the dollar. Keys to the Attic is a really fun store that is exactly what it sounds like. They have all kinds of furniture, toys and household items with a gently used, vintage touch. Street Glitter Gallery is an awesome spot for oddities and work by local artists. Craft Foundry is a great place to pick up handmade, eco-friendly gifts. The shopping experience in Fishtown is ripe with character and full of rare finds that you didn’t even know you needed. You can shop your heart out (and not break the bank!).

Now you know why we love Fishtown, it’s time to tell us why do!

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