Fitler Square Special: Philly’s Best Kept Neighborhood Secret!

Pay attention, Philly! We are about to blow one of Philly’s best kept secrets. The Fitler Square neighborhood is an area that you may be guilty of overlooking, and that is a huge mistake. When it comes to living in a peaceful, luxurious neighborhood with all of the food, fun, attractions and amenities that Philly has to offer, Fitler Square is the spot!

A quaint park, known as Fitler Square, serves as the centerpiece for the neighborhood. This tiny park is packed full of personality, with a scenic fountain and quirky animal sculptures scattered throughout. The park hosts fairs and farmers markets throughout the year and is the perfect setting for a quiet retreat from busy city living.

Fitler Square (the neighborhood, not the park) offers close proximity to the Schuylkill River Park which is basically heaven on earth as far as nature lovers are concerned. Gardens, bike paths, enclosed dog parks, playgrounds and access to the awe-inspiring Schuylkill River Trail, can you say bliss?

Of course, we wouldn’t be The Mike McCann Team if we didn’t mention all of the great coffee shops in Fitler Square. We love Cafe Lutecia because it’s super cute and really, really French. Bacchus Market and Catering had phenomenal coffee and awesome take-out gourmet food. Good Karma Café has fancy coffee roasts and a great atmosphere. Yum!

Also, it is worth checking out the amazing view from the South Street Bridge and strolling past the Trinity Center for Urban Life to see the beautifully renovated church that now serves as a music/event venue. No matter the weather, you’ll be wowed by the beauty of this Philadelphia treasure.

Fitler Square is greatly loved by its residents and we know why. Come on over, check it out, you might just fall in love with what was Philly’s best kept secret.

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