We all know that our wonderful city is filled to the brim with amazing restaurants, eateries, and cafes, but today we want to focus on the best of Philly’s food trucks! From Asian to Polish to vegetarian, Philadelphia’s food trucks have everything your heart desires – and they’re delicious enough that you may never want to go to a sit-down restaurant again.

  1. Mom Mom’s Polish Food Cart – In the mood for some Polish comfort food? Look no further than Mom Mom’s Polish Food Cart, serving up little pockets of joy in the form of perogies. Not only do they serve the classics (with toppings galore), they also feature dessert perogies with cream cheese filling, and their twist on the classic Philly cheesesteak also comes in perogi form. This incredible spot just opened a brick-and-mortar location on Orthodox St, but the mobile joint is still truckin’ away so be sure to stop by!
  2. Mac Mart Cart – Nothing warms the heart like some classic macaroni and cheese, and Mac Mart Cart is sure to satisfy your tummy and your soul. This humble little truck debuted in 2013 on Drexel’s campus and has grown considerably since, delighting mouths all across Philadelphia! With a crazy list of toppings including everything from BBQ chicken chunks and potato chip panko crunch to basil pesto chicken and garlic sautéed spinach, this place is a slam-dunk.
  3. Octopus Falafel Truck – This Mediterranean food truck is the very definition of a hidden gem – with an extravagant menu that changes daily and unbelievably low prices, you can’t find a better place to stop for a quick lunch. Swing by 20th Street between Market and Commerce and don’t let the line intimidate you, it’s there for a good reason!
  4. Kung Fu Hoagies – It can be hard to find easy vegan or vegetarian options on the go, but Kung Fu Hoagies has got you covered. This food truck is known for its incredible sandwiches, mainly featuring fare based on the classic Vietnamese banh mi, though they do offer some BBQ-flavored options as well as daily specials. They travel throughout West and South Philly, so keep an eye out!
  5. Dump N Roll – Dim sum on the go may sound too good to be true, but this food truck does it right with a mouthwatering spread of dumplings, rolls, and sides galore! As they travel throughout the city dispensing delicious treats and lunches, they work with local charities and organizations and focus on spreading a positive message to Philadelphia’s youth to inspire them to follow their dreams. We’re all about making a positive impact – especially when you can fill your belly with some amazing grub at the same time!


The creativity of our city really shines when it comes to these passionate chefs who are dedicated to spreading the culinary love all through town. We can’t wait to gorge ourselves on some of Philadelphia’s finest food truck fare!

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