French Doors Open a Home to the Outdoors


Doors Provide More than Just Access

French doors not only allow people to pass from one area to another. Their top to bottom glass fronts frame a view. When they open onto a yard, the effect is to create an inviting picture to step outside. They act as a link between the indoor and outdoor space.

French doors can be installed singly, but generally they will deployed in pairs or in a series. The more there are, the more effective the connection will be between the spaces they separate. When deciding how to use them, consideration must be given to the room size where they are located. A small room may seem more spacious with the openness of French doors.

A double set of French doors will not likely have a pillar or mullion between the pair. This permits a more open, unobstructed view. The frame will usually contain a weather strip at top and bottom and along the outer edge to effectively seal out the elements. A bolt called an espangolette permits the top and bottom to be secured in place with one motion. The slim pieces that hold the panes of glass permit views of the outdoors to be maximized. Looking through them, one almost feels that they are already in the garden. They act as an invitation to step through.

In addition to providing great views outside, French doors are an excellent means to help to keep a home ventilated. Leaving them open will bring the fresh air inside. Light also floods through, brightening the room. In this respect, French Doors act just like a large window. For this reason, they are especially attractive when they open out to a balcony with a view

Selecting Which Sort to Use

The framing components of French doors may be wood, aluminum, other metals, and various sorts of plastics. Wood will slowly decay, but it does have a natural look that can easily be painted in any desired color. Aluminum and metals can also be painted while plastics can be infused with a color during the fabrication process. They are the most long lasting type of all.

How sturdy a door you will need depends on where you place it within the home and also on where the home is located. In many instances, French doors open onto a patio covered by a pergola or other overhead structure that provides some level of protection against the elements. These can be more delicate in construction than ones that must bear the full assault of whatever the weather may bring. In areas of high winds, it may be necessary to install specialized forms that are wind resistant. Otherwise, the doors may rattle during high winds turning them into an annoyance rather than an attractive feature.

If you have a beautiful garden and want to enjoy it from the comfort of your home, French doors provide the means to do so.  Or if your goal is brightening your rooms, letting the sun shine in through french doors is a winning idea!


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