1. General Inspection 

      When starting a major project, it is important to remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This is exactly why we recommend a thorough inspection of your home before digging in to your summer maintenance routine. Your first step should always to inspect your property and figure out exactly what needs to be done in order to ensure that no important tasks or repairs are forgotten along the way. Don’t forget to write down everything that you notice!Take a walk through the interior and exterior of your home and keep an eye out for problematic aspects. Check attics and basements for flooding, water damage, or uninvited critters. Inspect gutters and downspouts for damage or buildup. Look at your siding, shingles, and the caulking/weather stripping around windows. Survey your property for debri, cracked concrete, and soiled or damaged walkways.Be sure to keep your upcoming landscaping needs in mind by looking out for dead or damaged plant life as well as necessary lawn maintenance. Inspect your hoses, supplies, and equipment to make sure they are prepared for use, and be sure to check all of your outside faucets to insure they are working properly. Try to develop a well-rounded idea of what you will need to purchase, treat, and replace to make sure that you’re ready for your upcoming landscaping regimen.

      Performing a comprehensive inspection of your property will help you to develop a full idea of the work that lies ahead. It will also prevent you from missing any important items and avoiding any surprises. This first step will make a huge difference as you embark on the journey of maintaining the beauty, safety, and value of your home.

    2. Prepare 

      There is a good reason that the scouts’ motto is simply, “Be Prepared.” Preparing for your summer maintenance will help to keep your project running smoothly and steer clear of any potential frustration – we all know how annoying it is to get started on a task only to find out that we don’t have the necessary tools, equipment, or supplies. Or even worse, our equipment is damaged and unusable! We know your time is valuable and that it is already difficult enough to get around to household maintenance, and this will help you prevent anything from getting in your way. Searching for tools, repairing machinery, and making constant last minute trips to the hardware store cost time that many just can’t afford. That’s why we stress the importance of being prepared!After your inspection, you should have a full list of everything that you hope to accomplish. Take some time to get yourself ready! Write out a budget of all the purchases that you will need to make and make a shopping list. Check all of your tools and equipment to make sure you have the proper supplies and that everything is ready for use. Do some research to make sure you are confident and qualified to complete everything on your list. You may even take this time to do some spring cleaning to clear away any debri from your property. Meticulously prepping for this project will help you feel organized and relaxed as you move forward.

    3. Get to Work 

      Hey, we understand just as much as the next person that when the spring weather rolls in that the last thing you want to do with your free time is tackle your to-do lists. Try to keep in mind that getting to work now will allow you to play later without those pesky chores lingering in the back of your mind. Get started on your maintenance as soon as you can in order to salvage as much of the precious spring and summer weather as possible!By now, you have a complete view of what needs to get done and all of the necessary supplies to do so. Time to get to work! We suggest that you start off by tackling the chores that you are most qualified for. You may not be able to fix the foundation, but you can definitely sweep up the porch and caulk the windows! Trust us, getting a head start on the easy stuff will help you to feel much more at ease.

    4. Call In The Pros 

      Let’s face it, even the most competent handyman out there is not capable of completing every job. You may need to call in the pros! If you need repairs on your heating and AC system, chimney, roof, foundation, plumbing, water heater, or other major utilities, you may need to ask for help from a professional. Whether you are unable to do the work or simply don’t have the time, it’s not unusual for a trained expert to be your best choice. This will allow you to feel assured that the job is done right so you won’t have to revisit the same repair again and again.If you discover any pest problems, we definitely suggest that you utilize an extermination service. If your house needs a new paint job, sometimes using a house painting service will get the job done fast and efficiently while avoiding a lot of stress and tedious work on your end. You may even benefit from using a landscaping service if you have a large scale job or just simply have trouble keeping up with routine lawn and garden care.While it is your choice whether or not to pay a professional to work on your property, we want to remind you that safety is paramount: please only take on tasks that you know you can complete proficiently. Also, don’t forget that paying for routine maintenance can avoid larger, costlier repairs in the future!

    5. The Finishing Touches 

      Now for the fun part: after you have gotten the bulk of your to-do list checked off and all of the arduous tasks are out of the way, you can move on to some cosmetic work! This is the time where you get to put your own signature spin on your home. You can welcome summer inside and out by adding fresh home decor to brighten things up. Adding new lawn decorations, getting started on planting flowers and gardening, and pulling out that long forgotten patio furniture can put the finishing touches on the perfect backyard summer retreat. Last but not least, take care of all the minor tasks, such as touching up paint and routine cleaning.

Once you have everything just the way you want it, sit back and relax – you’ve earned it. Maybe even purchase a new hammock so you can lounge outdoors in the splendor of your newly manicured space. Hard work really does pay off!

We hope you take these simple steps to heart. All of us here Girsh Development Inc. are positive that this jumpstart will make your home the hottest property on your block!