If Our Walls Could Talk

For those who may not know, Philadelphia, while being #1 for its cheesesteaks, pretzels, and water ice, is also known for being #1 in murals.  Appropriately dubbed, “The City of Murals,” the city has over 3,000 to offer.  But if Philadelphia’s walls could talk, they’d tell you a much deeper tale about life near your Philadelphia real estate.

They would open up by saying how they’ve united our Philadelphia homes, neighborhoods and communities, go on to tell how they’ve inspired all ages, races and faces, and end with how they were born to forge hope from even the most afflicted areas.  Brought to life in 1987, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program began as a component of the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network.  Since then, it has taken on a much larger role.

“The mural-making process gives neighborhood residents a voice to tell their individual and collective stories, a way to pass on culture and tradition, and a vehicle to develop and empower local leaders. Mural Arts’ mural-making process also engages thousands of Philadelphia’s at-risk children, youth, and adults who find their artistic voice, develop their self-confidence, and discover new ambitions while creating murals through numerous programs.”

Whether you have a condo in Northern Liberties, Old City, or real estate in Fishtown, you cannot deny the exquisite beauty that this city’s outdoor gallery has to share.  Take a look for yourself by taking one of the many tours they have to offer.  Train, bike, or walk it.  Visit http://muralarts.org/tour/tours-offered.


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