Lynda Krevitz on House Hunters!

House Hunters puts the real in the real estate. Taking viewers behind the scenes of the experience of buying and selling a home, it draws on the emotions, complications, and outcomes of each individual story.

This Thursday, catch our very own Lynda Krevitz taking a couple, Bill and Antonio, through Downtown Philadelphia to find their next home. Problems arise when the battle over modern style versus cozy charm erupts. Given a $2 million budget to find them a home in our beautiful epicenter of culture and history, Lynda guides her buyers on an incredible housing journey. Even with speed bumps along the way, she proves just how vast her knowledge and commitment is with her exceptional finds, tips and advice, and resources.

Watch for yourself this Thursday, July 19th at 10:00 pm! Click here for the teaser.

Congrats Lynda, an important member of the Mike McCann Team for 6 years!

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