M. Night’s House in Architectural Digest


Ravenwood, the 125-acre estate of American producer, film director and screenwriter, M. Night Shyamalan, known for creepy horror films like The Sixth Sense, The Last Castle and The Village, will grace the June 2012 cover of Architectural Digest. The property, purchased in 2004 for $17.9 million, has been under renovation until now. Located in the countryside near Philadelphia, the six-bedroom home sits on 125 acres of Pennsylvania equestrian hill country, near to Shyamalan’s childhood home.

Built in 1937, the brick-clad Georgian Revival’s renovations give it the image of a 17th-Century structure by designers Richard Cameron, of Brooklyn-based Atelier & Co., and David Kleinberg, interior designer. Vintage furnishings, oak paneling in the library and a spiral staircase give old-world charm to the refurbishment.

According to Architectural Digest, Shyamalan and his wife originally planned a simple renovation to give the home a more romantic feel. Cameron, however, had recently visited England, where he chanced upon historic British estates sporting the tradition of adding on to a country estate willy-nilly, expanding in piecemeal fashion and changing architectural styles and creating a charming, old-world atmosphere.

He suggested remodeling the existing structure and connecting the 18th-century existing building to a newer one with older-appearing detailing. The resulting project gives the home originality. Kleinberg, rather than choosing all the interior pieces, simply chose key furnishing around which the family could add personal touches. These included the upholstered seating in the library, a gilded chandelier in the stairway wall, and the four-poster bed gracing the master suite.

To keep the renovations a surprise, a privacy fence installed around the estate’s perimeter, has given way to well-appointed grounds and landscaping. The luxuriant gardens, designed by Barbara Paca, a specialist in historic preservation, are reminiscent of the famed owner’s movie settings.

Shyamalan and wife Bhavna, along with their three daughters call the Ravenwood estate home.

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