Why The Mike McCann Team Loves Philly

For those of us at the Mike McCann Team, one thing is certain: we are passionate about real estate. There is nothing more rewarding than guiding someone through the process of selling a house; there is no greater joy than helping a client find the home of their dreams. However, our passion for real estate and love for our clients is fueled by another equally important factor- our love, devotion and passion for all things Philly. We take pride in Philadelphia’s rich history, unique cultural traditions, diverse creative scene and delicious culinary specialities that make Philly, “Philly!” Over the next few weeks, we are going to be showcasing the people, places, attractions, traditions, events and (of course) FOOD! that makes Philly the #1 place to be.

Speaking of firsts- did you know that many of our nation’s “FIRSTS” were established in Philly?

  • John Bartram founded America’s first botanical garden in 1728.
  • In 1731, the first library was founded by Benjamin Franklin and others.
  • In 1751, Pennsylvania Hospital was founded by Dr. Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin “to care for the sick-poor and insane who were wandering the streets of Philadelphia,” becoming America’s first hospital.
  • Nearly fifteen years later in 1765,  the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine was founded, becoming the first medical school in the colonies.
  • Not to mention, the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia was the first children’s hospital in the US and The Hospital of Fox Chase Cancer Center was the first cancer hospital in the nation.
  • The Philadelphia Exchange was the first stock exchange.
  • Philly hosted the first Continental Congress of 1774 – and the first Republican National Convention in 1856.
  • The first American flag was created in Philadelphia in 1777.
  • The first U.S. mint opened in 1792. To this day, it is estimated that at least half of the nation’s coins come from Philly!
  • The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, was founded in 1805, making it the first art institution in America.
  • The Walnut Street Theatre, built in 1809, was the nation’s first theatre.
  • The first zoo The Zoological Society of Philadelphia was signed in 1859- but due to the Civil War, Philadelphia Zoo did not open for another fifteen years on July 1, 1874. Back then, the zoo had only 813 animals and adult admission cost only 25 cents. Today, the zoo has over 1,300 rare and endangered animals and attracts over a million visitors a year.
  • The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, completed in 1926, was the first suspension bridge.

These Philly “firsts” (as well as many others) have not only put Philadelphia at the forefront of history, politics, medicine, art and education in the United States, but have helped create the diverse, innovative and unique Philadelphia culture that the Mike McCann Team is proud to be part of!

Written by guest blogger, Jessica McCann.

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