Meet The Mike McCann Team: Andrea Boelter

Andrea Boelter is a behind the scenes hustler with a low-key style. She works with buyers, sellers and developers, taking care of business, building new relationships and creating a very reputable professional reputation, all with quiet grace and genuine humility. She thrives on positivity and rejects negativity, forcefully pursuing her ambitions and crashing through any challenge head on, refusing to be slowed down in the least. Andrea’s mix of sweetness, compassion, quirkiness and non-stop, hyper-focused motivation is, as history shows, a clear recipe for success.

Personal History

I’m from Nebraska which has definitely shaped my approach to business. In Nebraska, everyone basically wears jeans and a t-shirt all the time, so you never know who you are talking to or sitting next to. They could be a billionaire for all you know. I learned that you never know who someone is until you truly get to know them and that’s stuck with me. I treat everyone with equal kindness and respect and I approach every client like they are the most important client I have ever worked with.

I studied business management in Florida which helped me pursue a number of my career goals. I began working in the cement and concrete industry, moved to Philadelphia and started my career in real estate. I am passionate about my clients and I wanted to create a space where the brand and customer experience was front and center, so I opened my own real estate company. Mike and I connected after I had been in the business for 8 years and here I am!

Why Real Estate?

I like the personal interaction with people. I enjoy helping people buy and sell their homes and getting to interact with people that, otherwise, I may never connect with. I like spending time with my clients, laughing and joking, helping them feel comfortable and calm during transactions or house hunting.

I really enjoy being part of a team and taking on new, exciting projects. I like working with design and finding creative solutions that help the team as a whole.

Why Philly?

I like how Center City is so walkable and connected. All of the neighborhoods are growing together right now. The architecture here is continuously developing and the murals are so exciting. There are tons of art and great restaurants here so there’s always something to do and learn. I love going to restaurants, anywhere from the fanciest place in town to the hole-in-the-wall type places. I always want to try what’s new, I love exploring.

Off the Job

I am a travel addict. I go back to Florida and Nebraska whenever I can. I’ve been on an Asia kick recently and have been to Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, and Kashmir.  I love learning about new cultures and getting new perspectives. I also love biking, flying around trails in Valley Forge, Wissahickon and Conshohocken or The Wall in Manayunk, although I like to speed down it instead of up (laughs).  Really, I like to try new things all the time, I’m the type of person that likes to be pushed outside of my comfort zone, always searching for something new to experience.

I also love dancing, gardening, entertaining and wine!

Success tips

Stay positive! Keep a consistent positive outlook, keep pushing forward and you can get anything done. We all know that there have been some tough times in real estate. When this happened, I refused to buy into all the doomsday talk. I turned off the news and got down to business. I ended up having one of my best years.

Also, always be honest with your clients, learn how to multitask, stay focused and stay motivated. Make sure your clients know they are important to you.

Future plans

I just want to keep growing in this field, moving forward, investing, volunteering and giving back to Philly.                     

Andrea’s impact on The Mike McCann Team in undeniable. She has her hands in a lot of different aspects of this business and, despite her immense work load, she handles everything almost effortlessly. Andrea truly loves the work she does and the people she works with, radiating her signature positivity and a sense of constant enjoyment. Only Andrea could make real estate look like this much fun.

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