Meet the Mike McCann Team: Rich Fravel

Meet Richard Fravel!

Rich Fravel is a suburban transplant who fell in love with Philly and never left. Don’t let his suburban roots fool you though, Rich is definitely a mover-and-shaker, covering more ground than you average Philadelphian on any given day. He knows the city better than a native, loves the area, and shares his diverse background and knowledge with everyone he meets!

Personal History

I grew up in Upper Bucks County back when it was mostly farmland. From there I headed to Temple University to pursue a degree in Media Production and Marketing.  Once in the city, I never left. Philly is great!  After college I travelled the country and parts of Europe for a bit.  I then came home and worked as an audio technician and stage manager in music venues around Philly.  Once my ears started to bleed, I decided it was time to put my marketing skills to use. My family has worked in real estate for years so I followed suit and  jumped into the world of real estate in the early 90’s. I have been enjoying helping folks make their dreams come true ever since.

Why Real Estate?

I’m an extremely curious person. All day, every day, I get to meet new people and go into all sorts of interesting properties. I like meeting a wide variety of interesting people.  Most of my clients become friends.  I’ve been able to get to know sports stars, authors, painters, filmmakers, musicians, you name it. It’s great, the people are amazing! I love fact that I can walk into ANY neighborhood in the city and see a house that I’ve sold or run into people I’ve helped to buy or sell a home.  I know this city, literally, inside and out. I love seeing an extremely happy client after a challenging transaction.

Off the Job

When I am not working I spend my time playing guitar, seeing live music, running marathons, eating out, riding my bike, kayaking and hanging out with my daughter. I’m even working on a record with some buddies. It’ll be unlistenable but it’ll be mine.

Success tips
Never give up. Period. Full stop.

Rich Fravel is a multi-tasking pro who pursues his real estate career with the skill and precision of an expert juggler. When asked if there was anything else we should know about him he said, “Yes, There are two steps to buying or selling real estate in Philadelphia: Call Rich and Start Packing!”  That is the kind of confidence and dedication that we love at The Mike McCann Team.

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