Meet The Mike McCann Team: Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann has been around the Real Estate business his entire life. However, despite what you may think, he never thought he would follow in his family’s footprint and become an Agent. When he was in college, Ryan worked as an intern with The Mike McCann Team over the summers and it instantly became clear: he loved it. He loved the city, enjoyed working with a dynamic group of people, appreciated the ebb and flow of the business and the fast paced nature of Real Estate. He got his license and immediately following his graduation from Penn State, moved back to Philadelphia and started working on The Mike McCann Team.

Ryan grew up in Delaware County but always felt like he had one foot in the city and one foot in the suburbs. He knew from a young age that he wanted to live in Philadelphia and that was before the city was as cool as it is today! True to his plans, he moved to Center City and then bought his home in Pennsport.

Ryan laid his roots in Pennsport because he loves the neighborhood; the clean streets, friendly neighbors, easy parking – he says that while it’s growing and being infused with lots of new good energy and development, it maintains the Philadelphia traditional feel we all know and love. Although Ryan has only been in the neighborhood for a couple of years, he’s already an active member of the community planning their first ever block party this summer and currently planning a cookie swap during the holidays. He’s also an active member of the Pennsport Civic Associationn. When Ryan loves something and decides to pursue it, he is passionate about it. He learns everything he can, shares his knowledge and gives back.

If you were to ask Ryan what his favorite part of working in the business is, he’d tell you that he loves how rewarding it is to help someone through the home-buying process and help educate them so they leave the experience feeling confident about the entire process and their investment. Many first-time-buyers love Ryan because of his attention to detail, focus on the client’s needs, knowledge of the business and deep understanding of the Philadelphia neighborhoods. Ryan offers something few others do – a never-ending enthusiasm for Philadelphia, his clients and the industry. If he’s not out in the city showing properties or working with his sellers, he’s reading hotsheets, following blogs and expanding his already impressive mental inventory of the city (and attending every home Eagles game). He truly believes that when purchasing a home, you’re not just buying a house, you’re investing in a neighborhood and building a life. The culture of each corner of Philadelphia is unique and Ryan is the guy to help you figure out which part you want to end up in.

Ryan has built a wonderful reputation for caring, enthusiastic and successful transactions and he’s not going anywhere. He will be in Philadelphia for a long time and believes that the best compliment he can receive is working with someone again. His tips for success? Learn with enthusiasm, work harder and find what you love. You can’t go wrong.

So when you’re ready, reach out to Ryan and he’ll help you reach your goals. It’s your city…own it.

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