Mike McCann to be Panel Expert on CNBC POWER LUNCH 4/18 @ 1:40pm EST

Philly’s own Mike McCann “The Real Estate Man” is going to be a special guest tomorrow on CNBC’s hit show POWER LUNCH to speak about the real estate market and real estate trends in Philadelphia.  McCann is the broker and team leader of one of Philadephia’s top real estate team and works in all areas of the metro area, and is expected to speak about values in some of Philly’s hottest neighborhoods.


The POWER LUNCH show is to be broadcast on the CNBC Business Network between 1-2pm EST, and Mike McCann “The Real Estate Man” is expected to be interviewed at approximately 1:40pm EST.    Power Lunch is one of the highest viewed lunchtime news programs in the Monday to Friday time slot and is hosted by Sue Herera and Simon Hobbs.

Nice job Mike! The Mike McCann Team and people of Philadelphia is thrilled with your appearance on CNBC!


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