Mother’s Day with the Mike McCann Team

A special note on Mother’s Day, from the Mike McCann Team.


Jackie Beramendi

While writing this small blurb at my kitchen table, and jamming out to Pandora, I noticed out of the corner of my eye my mother sitting down on the little padded bench, we dare call a sofa.  Since my screen and Maroon 5 had my all of my attention, I barely noticed that she was watching TV- one of my mom’s guilty pleasures.  I also took note of her choosing a movie from “On Demand,” a lovely nuance of comcastic proportions, as well as a big feat for my mom who seems to make any small technological advance, such as using extra buttons on a remote control, almost painful and impossible.  But, I digress.  After watching this amazing event, and making sure she was able to get the moving going, I then turned back to my computer.  I think, maybe 7 minutes later, I see that she had begun to fast forward the movie.  Again impressed, I turned back to my lovely friend, the internet.  10 minutes later, I saw that she was still fast forwarding.  I asked for an update as to why she’d been fast forwarding for so long and the woman told me, “I don’t know how to stop it and I can’t exit.  I didn’t want to bother you while you work!”  After laughing for maybe 10 mins, less time than she had spent fast forwarding, I stopped the movie and brought her to the “On Demand” home screen.

And that selfless, strong willed behavior is why I love my mom.  And why Mother’s Day will always be special for us both.


Melanie McConnell

Of course I would love an expensive gift, a fancy brunch and a clean quiet house but I am sure that is so not going to happen in my world! In my world there will be loud mouths, a crazy cat, lots of dishes and piles of laundry! The truth is I could not be more grateful for all of it. I am grateful I have them, grateful that they are healthy and grateful that we are together. As much as I wish that one of these years they would manage to get me something really great that I really love (without having to be told what to get, where to go and how much to spend) I know that the greatest gift that they will give is their time and their presence. I know that they will take the hour and a half trip to and from the cemetery so that I can put flowers on my mother’s grave. Inside I know that they don’t want to, part of me hates the trip too, but we do it, together, no complaints. For me that is my perfect Mother’s Day…a day like any other but with the potential for a little less bickering and complaining. So no matter what happens or what I do or don’t get I am happy to just to have a healthy family. Of course we can’t tell them that, I am still hoping for some nice perfume and yummy French toast : )


Cyndi McCann

My Mother’s Day will be spent brunching with my mother-in-law, and then grilling with my kids on the deck.  Pretty low key, but just what I love!  And of course, I will spend time with my mother….

My mom truly was my best friend, my biggest fan, my mentor….and she died from pancreatic cancer 22 months ago. What is amazing is that I feel her presence with me every day. She is with me, in the million little things I do…..scraping carrots, hugging my kids, checking in on my step-father…..and during those major life events…..graduations, moves, medical issues. My mom was a strong, wise, loving woman and I look to her example for help in living my life. So I will spend time this Sunday just thinking happy, grateful thoughts about her!

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.”  — Gandhi


Beth Mclean

For me, Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate being a mom and enjoying my *little* ones.  Since my kids are still young, the best way we could spend the day would be at the zoo or at our favorite castle-playground, with my mom too, getting our faces painted, having a picnic lunch, enjoying late afternoon coffee, cookies and chocolate milk and finishing the day with mac n cheese for dinner followed by warm bubble baths and bedtime stories.  I am at that stage in motherhood where happiness is found in picture books and footie pajamas.  Totally living in the moment!






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