Natural Beauty in Philadelphia: 5 Natural Cosmetic Companies That Will Change Your Beauty Regimen for Life

Natural Beauty in Philadelphia: 5 Natural Cosmetic Companies That Will Change Your Beauty Regimen for Life


More and more as a society, we are becoming increasingly conscious of our environment and working to keep ourselves and the world around us healthy. Today’s ethical and eco-conscious world provides a long list of natural products for a magnificent range of purposes, and we wanted to look into the myriad of ways that Philadelphia is utilizing natural products as well as how this movement towards sustainability and organic living is helping our citizens.


  1. Moko

Moko, an upscale salon in Old City, touts a reputation for being organic, modern, and simply cool. The salon’s mission is to “share our eco-conscious beauty philosophy with everyone we encounter. Inspiring individual style,  social responsibility and a passion for all things beautiful.” They accomplish this noble goal by providing “precision haircuts, ammonia-free color, ayurvedic facials, soy-based waxing, makeup, and scalp treatments, along with offering an exclusive selection of local and international beauty products.” Sounds great to us! This popular establishment seems to get nothing but rave reviews, and they have an incredible line of organic products. We can definitely get behind this shop’s eco-conscious mission and we hope to visit soon for our next cut.


  1. SoapBox

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This interesting shop is a particularly colorful gem in the world of natural cosmetics. They boast a Best of Philly Award and sell a sophisticated line of natural handmade soaps, body care, and cleaning supplies. One major highlight of these products is that they are absolutely stunning – each and every one looks good enough to eat! We can’t help but marvel at the aesthetic of their gorgeous cosmetics. Their cleaning supplies not only look great, but they also smell incredible and have garnered fantastic reviews. As for their soaps, they look like works of art and feature heavenly odors such as “Lavender Bliss” and “Coffee with Ginger.” Trust us, you will not be disappointed at The Soap Box. Pop in today and try out their amazing products.


  1. Duross & Langel

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If you haven’t heard of them already, Duross & Langel is a huge deal in Philadelphia. The environment they’ve crafted within their store is gorgeous and chock full of artfully presented natural ingredients and essential oils. This aesthetically-pleasing establishment offers their own unique line of soaps, deodorants, candles, shower gels, lotions, facial cleansers, and an impressive supplies of cosmetics for men. This location also features a beyond top-of-the-line salon as well as a superb grooming lounge. Beauty, grace, fashion, style, and top-shelf natural cosmetics and body goods find their home at Duross & Langel.


  1. The Herbiary

The Herbiary in the Reading Terminal Market has gotten a lot of attention as of late for supplying natural remedies, as well as essential oils, herbs, teas, and bath products. Their product line is both extensive and impressive, and these well-known natural remedies are designed to eliminate allergies, soothe skin, mediate anxiety, support the immune system, and provide an astounding number of additional health benefits. Though most products do not come with any guarantee, they do come with some intensely passionate reviews. The Herbiary even stocks books, crystals, candles, incense, and other spiritual tools. Even if you aren’t entirely convinced by this whole natural ingredient revolution, you may want to visit The Herbiary and allow their well-informed and dedicated staff to show you a thing or two. What can it hurt?


  1. Nectars

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Swing by Balance Health Center in the Rittenhouse Square area to pick up the fabulous Philadelphia-based Nectar Apothecary products. Their numerous natural goods, “handcrafted with love”, include oils, sprays, bath bombs, soaps, teas, balms, and salves. Nectar Apothecary clearly puts a great deal of care into creating and curating their merchandise, featuring a diverse blend of scents and products. The Morning Boost Matcha Tea as well as the Coffee Sugar Scrub and wide selection of herbal salves has definitely piqued our interest. We can’t wait to delve into this amazing selection and see what positive results they yield. It’s undeniable – these natural beauty products look more alluring than any other cosmetics that we’ve ever seen!

We are so happy to see all of these natural and organic ingredients and products being put to use in the beauty industry. It is amazing that so many salons, spas, and shops are leading the charge towards more natural skin care and cosmetology. We can’t wait to follow up with these amazing businesses and learn more about all that they do.

Until later, Philadelphia. Keep it natural.

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