One More Reason to be an Eagles Fan!

-Thanks to our Friends at Trulia

So, the Super Bowl has come and gone, leaving loyal Eagles fans reciting our age-old mantra, “we’ll get ‘em next season!” As we all know, part of being a true Philadelphian is having a love-hate relationship with our city’s sports teams and getting used to swallowing a good amount of disappointment. This trait only comes second to our extreme disgust for the Dallas Cowboys and the despicable, Philadelphia-born Cowboys fans (seriously, what’s up with those guys?). Anyway, even though the Eagles did not quite bring it home this year, we can still find a silver lining in the midst of our despair.

Our friends at Trulia recently sent us a fascinating graphic that details the home values of properties located near NFL stadiums in comparison to regional home values. Take a quick look below and see who is in that #1 spot. That’s right, The Philadelphia Eagles! Go ahead, run out front and high five your neighbor right now! We needed that win and it feels pretty good.

Fortunately, Mike McCann Team Realtor Jim Onesti happens to have a special connection and a particular expertise concerning the neighborhood surrounding Lincoln Financial Field. He has graciously volunteered to explain why these home values are consistently valuable.

Onesti states, “Despite the reputation of Philly sports fans as being overly enthusiastic at times and the somewhat freewheeling atmosphere of our stadiums, the neighborhoods surrounding the Sports Complex are some of the most peaceful, luxurious and well-kept areas in the city. I may be a bit biased but I feel that South Philadelphia is one of the greatest places to live in the country and the Packer Park neighborhood really shines.”

Access to the stadiums is definitely a major perk of living in Packer Park but may other elements contribute to the home values in this area. This area is extremely residential and is in close proximity to public transportation, Broad Street and the glorious FDR Park. Packer Park is really family-friendly and allows for easy access to all of the fun of Center City without having to live in a busy district. It almost has the feel of a suburban neighborhood within the city, if that makes sense.“

“Also, Packer Park is a real community. Neighbors care about each other and the quality of the area. There are a lot of locally-owned small businesses and civic associations working to improve and maintain parks, playgrounds and public spaces.”

“Beyond that, I mean, the homes are simply gorgeous and many of them even have private driveways which is a major perk in Philly. You really can’t beat this area. Take a trip to Packer Park or visit to see for yourself.

There you have it! The simple secret to Packer Park home values from South Philly enthusiast, Jim Onesti. We appreciate his insights as well as his careful descriptions of our rambunctious fan base. Major thanks to Trulia for sending us this amazing news! Trust us, we always appreciate some positive news about Philadelphia and our beloved Eagles.

Go Philly! Go Eagles! Let’s get ‘em next year!

Written by Patrick Kaisinger (Mike McCann Team Blogger Extraordinaire)

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