Philly Cares: Philly AIDS Thrift

We were lucky enough to sit down with the staff at Philly AIDS Thrift and learn about their exciting new location and all of the amazing things that they do. Philly AIDS Thrift has a unique business model that supports the Philadelphia Aids Fund. The individuals involved with Philly AIDS Thrift are nothing short of miraculous and they make us proud to live in such a generous and kindhearted city.

Philadelphia AIDS Thrift resells super cool donated items and gives all that profit to local organizations fighting AIDS.  Their total cash donations to date is $931,000! They accept donations of all sorts. To see what you could give, click here.

Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room sells clothing, collectibles and a wide variety of books. They pride themselves as being a safe and welcoming community for all and they recently began a reading series featuring local and national authors. The proceeds of both Philly Aids Thrift locations are donated to the Aids Fund which contributes to prevention, outreach, research, and treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Philadelphia area.

Philly AIDS Thrift has been doing so well that they just moved into a second location at Giovanni’s Room, the oldest LGBTQ bookstore in the country. When Philly AIDS moved into the new space, they joined Giovanni’s Room to preserve the historically significant site and expand their services to sell and donate more. Thanks to spectacular donations from the community and dedicated volunteers, they are absolutely thriving.

Philly Aids Thrift is truly an awesome organization. Join their mailing list at to stay up to date with their events and news!

Thank you, Philly Aids Thrift, for showing just how much Philly Cares!

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