Philly Cares: United By Blue

As part of our search to get to know some of the wonderful charitable businesses in Philadelphia, we have uncovered some phenomenal and admirable organizations. And what better time to think about all their good work than around Thanksgiving? United By Blue is definitely one of the most interesting and impressive organizations that we have had the pleasure of being in contact with. The company has a heart of gold. Their mission? Removing one pound of trash from the world water supply for every item that they sell – and they sell a lot because their apparel, bags, and outdoor supplies are chic and awesome. They have a very hands-on approach and keep their environmental goals at the forefront of their business model at all times. United By Blue stands as a testament for other profitable businesses, proving that being successful and environmentally responsible is a possibility.

UBB began as a wholesale, outdoor apparel supplier with their own line of custom clothing. In 2013, they opened their first retail store in Old City neighborhood and their second in University City location shortly thereafter. The tremendous support that they have received from the citizens of Philadelphia has allowed them to grow and prosper. Their online store and social media presence has contributed to their success and allowed them to spread their mission far beyond Philadelphia. United by Blue is rapidly growing and increasing the impact of their “Blue Movement”.

This has been a particularly exciting year for the staff at United By Blue. In addition to opening up their most recent location and receiving a prestigious B corporation certification they have reached the amazing milestone of removing over 200,000 pounds of trash from oceans and waterways. They managed to remove 31,692 pounds across the U.S. this year alone!

The staff at UBB is incredibly passionate about their various cleanup projects. They are extremely dedicated to their pledge and are directly involved with every cleanup operation they do. They love the fact that it keeps them in close contact with their customers and community while allowing them to bring forth meaningful change.

Another major happening this year is the introduction of United By Blue’s newest product, The Ultimate American Sock. This product is made entirely from bison wool in the United States. United By Blue has recently raised money through a KickStarter campaign to launch this new item and they are very excited about it. Visit their KickStarter page to see what all the hype is about, you just may end up buying yourself a pair. They look super comfy AND guilt-free!

While they have an awesome online shop, we definitely recommend checking out the United By Blue retail stores, which provided a very cozy shopping experience. The United By Blue shops each contain a coffee counter with delicious coffee and yummy treats. You can grab a coffee while you shop or just relax in their dining area! Everything they serve is local, organic and hormone free fare. The merchandise is made from environmentally friendly materials, the interior is designed using repurposed materials, and the buildings themselves are even wind and solar powered. This company is definitely dedicated to their eco-friendly goals and we love it!

We really appreciate the time that the staff at united by Blue spent with us, taking time out of their busy schedules of managing merchandise, serving coffee, running retail stores, performing administrative duties and organizing clean-ups. We have been extremely inspired by their enlightened business model, mission and impact. If you are looking for another example of just how much Philly Cares, head down to United By Blue and see what they have accomplished!

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