Powelton Village: The Mike McCann Team’s Insider Guide

Powelton Village is a scenic area of Philadelphia that borders and overlaps University City. The neighborhood boasts a diverse culture, beautiful historic homes and picturesque greenery. You will fall in love with the gorgeous Victorian houses, quaint cafes and positive spirit of this area of Philly. The sense of community and harmony is absolutely mesmerizing.  We don’t want to blow the lid off of this well-kept Philly secret but we just can’t help telling you about our favorite Powelton Village spots.

Historic Architecture

Powelton Village is marked with some of the most astonishing, historic homes you will ever see. There are many houses in the neighborhood that date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Frederick A. Poth homes, designed by architect Otto Wolf, include seven homes on Powelton Avenue in German gothic style that contribute to the historic charm of the neighborhood. The nearby Powelton Apartments stand as a mammoth, intricate, architectural beauty that will excite anyone with an interest in architecture or Philadelphia history. There are many other historically significant homes and landmarks in this area including 30th Street Station, Centennial Bank and The Philadelphia Armory. Even if you do not have a particular interest in historical homes, you will still delight in the deep roots and antique beauty of this area.


In case you didn’t know all ready, The Mike McCann Team loves its java. Luckily, Powelton Village serves up some winning coffee. Reeds Coffee and Tea House is cutesy and cozy, inviting you to kick back and spend some time relaxing while enjoying their top notch coffee. Green Line Cafe is clean, classy and spacious. They have an adorable back patio area, great coffee, snacks and desserts. You can’t beat that! .


Though Powelton Village is not packed to the brim with eateries, you will have no trouble finding a feast to meet your needs. Han Dynasty is beloved by Powelton Villagers because of their extremely authentic and extremely tasty renown Chinese food. Sabrina’s Cafe is, if we can date ourselves here for a moment, the bomb! Everything they serve comes out in huge, heaping portions. This is the most comforting of all comfort food and the vegetarian cheesesteak would definitely be in the running for the best in Philly. Mad Greek Restaurant and Pizza is the Powelton Village spot for ah-mazing pizza. With all of these diverse restaurants and a ton of phenomenal food trucks, you will have no trouble filling your belly in Powelton Village.

Fairmount Park!

Fairmount Park is one of the greatest things that Philly has to offer. If you thought Philly was all rowhomes and traffic jams then you are dead wrong! We have a luscious, extensive, green oasis right in the middle of the city that will blow your mind. Fairmount Park is home to The Philadelphia Zoo which is America’s oldest zoo, featuring tons of animal related attractions and the iconic “Channel 6 Zooballoon.” Go for a ride and experience Philadelphia from the sky! Fairmount Park also contains The Mann Music Center which is an amazing outdoor venue with fountains, statues, greenery and a constant supply of awesome live music. The Shofuso Japanese House and Garden is one of Philly’s best kept secrets and may just be one of the most relaxing and beautiful sights in the city.  Fairmount Park is also home to several charming mansions, appropriately named, The Charms of Fairmount Park. If you like architecture, Philly history or just strolling through the park and seeing unique sights, you will love exploring these majestic 18th century homes. Fairmount Park has a lot to offer and Powelton Village is very lucky to have such easy access to this endless and enchanting green space.

Bonus! The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum

The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum is an art garden that expands over nine city plots, packed with artwork from Ellen Powell Tiberino. We hear that words can’t explain the feeling of this sacred, urban garden. You’ll have to just check it out for yourself and let us know what you think 🙂

We are head-over-heels in love with Powelton Village and have loved watching its growth and development over recent years. If you spend some time there, we know you will fall in love with it too. Get out, do some exploring of your own, and let us know why YOU love Powelton Village.

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