Reasons to love Philly…

There are many perks to living in ANY city- easy access to work, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping, dining, nightlife and cultural events. In addition to these perks, Philly living comes with an added bonus- a decreased need for an automobile.

Over the last 10-20 years, Philadelphia has worked improve street conditions and create more “bike friendly” streets to accommodate commuter and recreational cyclists and encourage biking as a preferred mode of transportation. In the years since, these efforts have paid off. According to, Philadelphia ranked number 17 on their listing of America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities. Last year, Philly had the most bicycle commuters per capita out of the 10 largest cities in the US!

If walking is more your style, do not despair! rated Philadelphia as the #4 on their 2014 Ranking of Most Walkable Cities and Neighborhoods. On average, they estimate that 77% of “daily errands” can be accomplished by foot in Philly.

However, if your commute is a little longer- or if the sidewalks are covered in snow- Philly holds the number #5 spot on Walkscore’s New Ranking of Best U.S. Cities for Public Transit. SEPTA offers city transportation by bus, trolley, subway, the “el” and regional rail. Additionally, while PATCO provides a quick commute to New Jersey and the Acela Express offers access to New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Whether you are looking to cut costs, “go green,” or simply avoid rush hour traffic and save on parking tickets, traveling from Point A to Point B without a car in Philly is easy to do…

And that’s just another reason the Mike McCann Team loves Philly!

Contributed by guest blogger, Jessica McCann.

Ps. If you’d like, leave us a comment about why YOU love Philly!

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