Rittenhouse Square: The Mike McCann Team’s Inside Guide

Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse neighborhood has something for any taste, from the upscale to the low-key, from the fun and funky to the ultra-classy. With Rittenhouse Square Park as its beautiful centerpiece, the neighborhood unfolds with diverse urban beauty and a mesmerizing sense of excitement and adventure. Historical homes, plentiful shopping and a variety of restaurants contribute to the appeal of the Rittenhouse area. The neighborhood is scenic and luxurious while still maintaining that down-to-earth Philly feel, embodying everything that Center City has to offer.  If you aren’t already a Rittenhouse regular, come for a visit and you may see why so many people are proud to call the Rittenhouse neighborhood home.  Check out some of our favorite Rittenhouse spots and then tell us some of yours!

Sights to see

Of course we cannot talk about Rittenhouse without first calling attention to the beauty, historyand prime people watching found at Rittenhouse Square Park.  One of our favorite things to do in Rittenhouse is to grab a meal to go from one of the many local cafes and bring it to the park for a cozy picnic. Rittenhouse Square is one of the finest dining rooms in the city. We also love all of the farmer’s markets, art fairs and events that take place around the park throughout the year!

Fitler Square is a lesser known park in the Rittenhouse area that offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It is extremely well maintained and offers a collection of sculptures and fountains. There are tons of shady trees to relax under and enjoy a break from the noisy city streets. Plus Fitler Square is absolutely child and animal friendly! Fitler Square is the perfect place to put your stress on hold and enjoy a little mini-vacation.

The Schuykill River Park is another awesome place to take a break from the city within the city. It offers beautiful scenery, a dog park and a wildlife habitat on the banks of the Schuykill. Providing access to the Schuykill River Trail, this area is a dream for joggers and bikers. The Schuykill River Trail is one of the most gorgeous venues in Philadelphia, offering an endless supply of terrain for running, walking or biking accompanied by breathtaking, picturesque beauty. This attraction will make you fall in love with Philly or remind you why you fell in love with this city in the first place.

Places to eat

There is no shortage of places to eat in Rittenhouse. No matter what your craving is, you can get your fix in this neighborhood. Parc is definitely a Mike McCann Team Favorite.  This Stephen Starr gem features a diverse assortment of menu items, fine wine and a classy, comfortable, Paris themed atmosphere. We absolutely love their brunch menu! We also can’t get enough of Porcini, a home-cooked style Italian restaurant with menu options that are to die for. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with anything they serve.  Vic Sushi Bar is another one of our favorites. It is a no frills sushi spot that will absolutely blow your mind. Don’t go there expecting to set up shop for the whole night, Vic gets right to the point, and the point is delicious, mouthwatering sushi.  Hip City Veg is a vegan’s dream with faux-meat sandwiches, awesome sweet potato fries and smoothies. Also, if you are in the mood for a liquid lunch (no, not that kind) head over to Yellow Juice Bar for some super yummy juices.

Meet for a drink

Tria Wine Bar is a big hit in Rittenhouse and we can’t stop talking about the great deal they offer as part of their Sunday school special where they offer 3 wines for half price so you can try a glass and expand your pallete. The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. is a really cool speakeasy-style bar that actually served as a front for an alcohol smuggling ring during the prohibition era. In addition to their fascinating history, they also have an assortment of artistically created cocktails which makes their drink menu especially exciting to explore. Rittenhouse has an extensive bar scene with tons of new and interesting places to discover… So go ahead, call that one friend you can never seem to make plans with, head down to Rittenhouse and meet for a drink!

Retail therapy

The Rittenhouse neighborhood is shopping central, packed with a variety of high-end stores. We love browsing the quirky selection of clothing and gift items at Urban Outfitters, sale hunting at H&M and spending hours exploring the spacious, inviting Barnes and Noble across from Rittenhouse Square. Rittenhouse is the perfect area to stock up on formal wear or improve your work wardrobe. Stores like Brooks Brothers and Club Monaco will surely help you find that classy new outfit you have been looking for. If you are not in the market for fancy clothing, you can still have a great shopping experience in Rittenhouse by visiting Long in the Tooth Records and spending your time record hunting among the huge, well-organized collection. Long in the Tooth is one of the best new and used record stores in Philly and they have friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff members.

We love the nightlife!

There are a million great ways to spend your evening in Rittenhouse. Personally, we love Helium Comedy Club because of their constant line up of celebrity performers and their amateur open mic nights. Helium is a unique and hilarious way to spend the evening and create lasting memories. If you are in the mood to get funky, head over to Rumor, one of Philly’s favorite nightclubs, for DJs, drinks and dancing. Or if you’re not into the comedy/club scene, there are streets and streets lined with cool restaurants, bars and great company. Trust us, Rittenhouse is one neighborhood that knows how to have fun!

Now that you know why we love Rittenhouse so much, check it out for yourselves and tell us what you think. Hey, if you like it enough to consider relocating, we might just know a few Realtors that can help you out 😉

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