Sales of New Homes Moves Up


Despite what people believe there are still sales of new homes. These sales are giving life to an economy that was on its last leg. With a growth of 3.3% month after month has yielded an annual rate of $343, 000 in April.

The sales are still not what they once were during the years where the economy was booming and sales were picking at $1.4 million. However, each month that the sales surpass the month before it is another step in the right direction.

The increase in the sales of new home has a positive chain reaction. This means that the prospects for developers are also improving.

The developers still have a long way to go but with every new home is new hope. Where is the ideal place to be a developer? The sales of new homes have peaked in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Florida. If this trend continues there is great potential for all the people involved in the process of building a house.

We have listed some of the benefits a buyer receives when buying a new home:

  1. Because everything in the house is new the buyer does not have to do as much upkeep
  2. Going new allows the buyer to customize their home to their liking
  3. Because of all the new developments in material there is a greater option for “Goin’ Green.”
  4. The technology in new homes surpasses that of all the older homes.
  5. Especially for a buyer looking to start a family the safety that comes with a new home is very important.
  6. All new homes come with homeowner insurance and other warranties.
  7. When there is a community of new homes then the neighbors have the option of setting the mood for the community they are raising their family in.

Whatever your location or price-range, this is an excellent time to look into buying a new home. There is a certain excitement that comes along with being apart of the whole process when it comes to building your new home. What’s even better is even though it will probably never be mention in the building process there are a lot of people that are benefiting from your choice of buying a new home. With all the good that comes from the purchase of a new home, it’s no wonder the sales for new homes have increased.

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