Six Key Steps to Selling Your Home in Today’s Market

The National Association of Realtors has stated that more than 4.25 million homes were sold in the year of 2011. If you analyze these figures, you will know that’s a lot of houses that went up for sale, and it just gives birth to one question in mind: how do sellers fare in the real estate market today?

The executive vice president of a certain company that deals in real estate matters, Wendy Forsy the claims that because each home is designed differently and are unique from each other, you can’t rely on a singular strategy or method which will work well for each property that is sold on the market. She claims that the real strategy is to realize and understand that the market of today is driven by cash, and is highly competitive as well as quick. Property owners who understand the markets in their locality and are able to find an agent with significant knowledge are the ones who are the most likely to succeed in today’s markets.

In the month of March 2012, one third of all the sales were made from cash, which just goes on to show that a significant number of buyers are not opting for financing from lenders. If you want to succeed in today’s real estate market, here are six key steps that can help you:

Make sure everything is in working condition

Getting the systems in your home back up to working condition is extremely important and can increase the overall price. Make sure that there are no glitches in the heating process, or the plumbing isn’t faulty. Check to ensure that all the taps and everything in your house works perfectly well.

Curb appeal counts

A lot of people generally look at homes after they see that it looks good from the outside. If a home doesn’t look good from the outside, most people don’t even bother going inside. As a result, it is important that you hire an experienced realtor who will guide you on how to make your home look good.

Clutter free homes appeal to buyers

Homes that are congested and full of furniture are generally not liked by speedy buyers. Those who are looking for a quick deal will certainly not be looking to buy cluttered homes.

List and negotiate properly

Learn to list your property in the right manner, and when dealing with a third party client, make sure that you negotiate properly.  Beware of overpricing your property in this market.

Always look for prequalified buyers

It is always a preference if you look for buyers who bring a pre qualification agreement along with them, as that will just help you in saving money as well as time.  Work with buyers that can close the deal.

Distressed properties

A significant portion of today’s properties are distressed, which include short sales, REOs as well as properties that are foreclosed. So if your property falls in this category, it will generally sell at a lower price.  Make sure you work with an certified real estate agent that has experience working with short sales.

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