Small Business Spotlight: Phila Massages

Attention, Philly fitness enthusiasts, we would like to introduce you to our friends at Phila Massages! This business specializes in sports massage and works to help athletes recover from strenuous activity, avoid injuries and stay healthy. Owners Natacha Vidal and Brian Rutledge were inspired to begin Phila Massage when they saw that Philadelphians were not utilizing the benefits of regular massage treatments. They noticed that massage was often viewed as a luxurious, pampering treat, rather than a necessary and beneficial treatment. In order to correct this misconception, Vidal and Rutledge set out to provide affordable, accessible and high quality sports massages to Philly athletes in hopes to show them that massage can be an “integral part of one’s health and fitness routine.”

Phila Massages started out as a 2 person team that worked out of a local gym. They gradually grew into an 8 person staff with a number of dedicated volunteers and established roots in the Philadelphia fitness community, working with businesses, non-profits and local events. They provide customized, sports massages that typically involve deep tissue work and stretching sessions in a convenient Rittenhouse location. Phila Massages offers an awesome membership program that allows massage treatments to be more affordable and provides the opportunity for continual care. Phila Massages is a wonderful facility serving the needs of Philadelphia’s fitness pros every day!

The owners of Phila Massage were quick to praise their client base and the city. Rutledge exclaimed that the best part of his job is working with “active, engaged, and loyal folks that brighten our days more than they know!” He also expressed that he loves hearing about the positive benefits of massage on his client’s lives.  Vidal was overwhelmed with gratitude for the community support that they have received, stating that “Philadelphia has a great fitness community and we really enjoy being part of the many local events that take place every year, from small health fairs to very large marathons or triathlons, to scavenger hunts and neighborhood group runs.” Phila Massages gives back to their community by contributing funds throughout the year to support these events and offering free finish line massages at local races including the Philadelphia Marathon. They also maintain relationships with local charities such as Back on My Feet, Students Run Philly Style, Team Philly and Girls on the Run. Vidal states, “we make a point to offer our services completely free for at least one event each month.” We love when Philly business give back to their community!

In the future, Phila Massages hopes to open a second location in order to expand their services. They plan to continue working with the Philadelphia fitness community and develop new relationships with local organizations. If you want to enjoy a massage and up your fitness game at the same time, reach out to Phila Massages and we’re sure you will receive excellent service from this extremely caring company.

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