Small Business Spotlight: Terme Di Aroma

Spa Terme Di Aroma is a holistic day spa in lovely Old City with a noble mission. Owners James and Gail Leemon are both experienced health care professionals who have witnessed the negative mental and physical effects of stress on people throughout their careers. They decided to do something to combat this common issue and created Terme Di Aroma with the intention of creating an environment that promotes stress reduction through spa therapies and relaxation education. They set forth to build a tranquil sanctuary where people could receive transformative treatments and simply relax and that’s how Terme Di Arome was born. The Leemons delight in seeing the distinct and noticeable change in people after completing one of their relaxation treatments. When you visit this wonderful spa, we guarantee you will leave feeling calm and rejuvenated!

Terme Di Aroma focuses on the benefits of aromatherapy and offers a wide variety of services including skincare, foot care and bodywork. They strive to give their customers the best experience possible, treating them like gold and allowing them to decompress in the luxurious atmosphere of the spa. The staff at Terme Di Aroma is so passionate about their work that they claim it rarely feels like a job to them.

James and Gail are constantly looking for ways to advance and expand their business. They keep a busy schedule of wellness seminars and educational classes on alternative health topics such as mindfulness and spirituality in order to learn as much as they possibly can about their field and share it with their clients. The Leemons are planning on opening a second location in the near future with a strong emphasis on wellness education in order to further the education of Philadelphians about the dangers of stress.

The Leemons enjoy owning a Philly-based business because of the opportunity it provided to meet and work with so many amazing people. They feel as if “Philly is one big neighborhood” and they are proud to call it their home. They love providing a space for Philadelphians to sneak away from their everyday craziness and enjoy the soothing, meditative experiences that they provide.  James and Gail are both Philadelphian natives and they give back to the community as often as possible. Their charitable efforts focus on woman’s rights and child advocacy. Terme Di Aroma is an inspiring example of a business working to improve their community.

Spa Terme Di Aroma is a necessary addition to the busy Philly streets. We are very grateful for their passion for improving people’s lives and helping the citizens of Philadelphia. The staff at Terme Di Aroma may be seeing quite a bit of us in the future because, hey, we could all use some help learning to relax a little.

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