Society Hill, Philadelphia in Focus


In the city center of Philadelphia, lies a neighborhood named Society Hill. This is the area with the largest number of old architecture that you will find in the states. This place has buildings still intact that are from 18th and earlier 19th centuries. The cobblestone streets in this area have added a beautiful view to the Federal and Georgian styled buildings with brick made row houses.

In the 18th century, the offices of the Free Society of Traders were in this area and the name of this district actually came from those Free Society offices. These offices were placed on the Dock Creek hill, in a street named Front Street. The place was very close to Delaware River and was not very far from the civic buildings of  Philadelphia. Within a short time this place became populous. To add value to the citizens lives, soon there were a few market halls, churches and taverns. The city of Philadelphia extended its reach towards the western side. And this place, Society Hall lost its old charm.

This diminishing trend in the housing industry continued until 1950. Then the government focused on this area and started a urban renewal program so that they could preserve the old architectures in this area. They started this project by demolishing the commercial building built in the 19th century and restoring the old ones. They wanted to enhance the atmospheric likeliness with the colonial time. So, street lights with 18th century designs and brick sidewalks were also added in the neighborhood. Parks, modern townhouses and walkways have replaced the employ lots and demolished buildings.

In 1957, a number of agencies bought 31 acres around Dock Street. They demolished and relocated the Dock Street market, and then they planned to build the Society Hill. In 1977, the plan was completed. The Society Hill Tower alongside, low rise row buildings and modern townhouses were built in to preserve the authenticity of the area. This plan also accommodated the growing needs for commercial places.

In the 18th Century, Society Hill was considered to be a showplace of Philadelphia. That flavor had been carefully preserved by restructuring the neighborhood. This overly photogenic neighborhood has secret courtyards. The houses are adorned with chimney pots, brass door knockers made and foot scrapers of wrought iron. All of these have given this place that distinctive colonial flavor. The old remnants of the horse carriages on raw, unpaved, cobblestone streets will remind you of an age while the world was different, slow yet progressive, busting and thriving with life.

All these ancient beauties in the neighborhood have made this place a super attractive real estate region. The old colonial areas had been restored by the pioneers that are modern and passionate. So the once diminishing area had regained its value as a peaceful and posh living area. The best feature of this place is that the restoration had been done in such an orderly manner that the area is ancient in looks, but also has all the modern facilities of a city life. The real estate price in this area is comparatively stable compared to the elegance of the area. This is why more and more people are getting interested to this cultural hub of this Philadelphia.

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