Talking Burgers in the Mike McCann Team Office

In case your taste buds haven’t noticed, May is National Burger Month. No one knows for sure what gourmet genius deemed it this month, but between the warm weather and love for anything between a bun, it’s probably a safe bet to say that all of Philly thanks you. So, where does our beloved Philadelphia land in the delicious grill of things? Travel + Leisure Philadelphia recently ranked us at #2 in the country, right behind Rhode Island. Phoodies rejoice!

Want to know where to go? The Mike McCann Team has some yummy patty places to suggest. After all, we take pride in knowing the streets of the city, and we take pleasure in tasting every bite.

Queen Village, known for its style and eclectic taste, is home to For Pete’s Sake Pub, where they serve “devilishly good food and drinks.” Start with a cream of potato soup, but save your real appetite for their Char Grilled Black Angus Burger served with hand cut fries and your choice of cheese. Pair it with your favorite ale and you’ll feel a little devilish yourself.

Marathon Grill is another big burger joint, with a contemporary flare, found in Rittenhouse Square. Dubbed appropriately, their Marathon Burger is an 8oz. house blend of sirloin, short rib, and chuck decked with Vermont cheddar, caramelized onions, apple wood smoked bacon, home-made bbq sauce, on a brioche bun. One bite and you’ll see why one of our own says, “Gotta have the hand-cut fries with cheddar! And a Corona!”

Or check out London Grill at 23rd & Fairmount Avenue, in the heart of the Art Museum area. Bursting with new American cuisine, it serves up an uber yummy burger on a toasted English muffin for only $11. Choose from seared foie gras, fried egg, blue cheese, and more to make this burger, blissful.

BUN appetite!



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