The McCann Team Spotlights Melanie McConnell

Born and raised in Fairmount/the Art Museum Area, Melanie McConnell was bred since her ‘doll playing days’ to be a passionate and motivated Real Estate agent of center city, Philadelphia.  Her keen mind, along with her unwavering ambition, has led her to become an indispensable asset to the #1 Team in the Prudential Network.

In the office, she works as both a marketing coordinator and agent, creating campaigns, listing homes with sellers, and working with first time buyers.  As an assistant, she is efficient, innovative, and pleasant.  As an agent, she’s dedicated, aggressive, yet attentive as she dedicates her time to ensuring that every step of the way is 100% calm and valuable to her every one of her clients.

Still a citizen of Fairmount/ the Art Museum, she plays both role model and mother to her 9 year old daughter Olivia.  A very proud mom, she supports her in every activity she’s involved in.  Whether it’s a school meeting at St. Francis Xavier or a game for FSA, Melanie will be there rooting.

As a lover to Philadelphia, marketing coordinator, agent, and mother, Melanie McConnell wears many hats, wearing them all very well.


What do clients have to say about Melanie McConnell?

Kerry & Jenny say…

“My fiancé and I were property virgins. The whole idea of buying a home was exciting and daunting. I had originally wanted to use a friend-of-a-friend as our realtor but he was vacationing and wouldn’t be available for weeks. As Melanie likes to say, “Things hap-pen for a reason.” Melanie was the listing agent for the second or third house we ever saw. Up until then, we just wanted to look houses and wait for the friend-of-a-friend realtor to get back from vacation. The house ended up being a huge disappointment–cramped, outdated, and dangerously steep winding stairs–but that hardly mattered because we knew we had found our realtor. Melanie is easy-going, low-pressure, and willing to look at more houses than is probably healthy. I can’t recall the exact number but it was certainly no less than 30 houses. As we saw more and more, Melanie picked up on our body language and facial expressions and knew right away whether we truly liked the house or not.

During our search, we bid on six houses. Each experience was unique and showed just how much Melanie and Prudential Fox and Roach care for their clients. Melanie always supported our decisions and when other agents were being unreasonable, let’s just say; Melanie puts on the gloves when she has to! Melanie worked her magic again to get us into our first home. The sellers were being unrealistic with their asking price in the current market. Negotiations dragged on and we were hardly finding middle ground. Melanie knew we wanted this place badly so she did everything in her power to make it happen. She negotiated them down to a more reasonable number and the rest is history. It was certainly serendipity that brought Melanie to us but it was Melanie’s passion, personality, and unwavering loyalty that made us choose her to fulfill our dream of moving out of our parent’s house into our very own home. We can’t thank her enough!”

A Very Satisfied Client, Michelle V. says…

“Melanie McConnell has been my realtor for many years. She is exceptional at her job. I have used her for buying and selling properties and I am always impressed with the fantastic work that she does. The settlement process can be stressful, but you would never know because Melanie makes this a smooth transition. This unnerving time is soothed by Melanie’s professional approach and makes this intense time much more feasible. Melanie is reliable and trustworthy. I have recommended Melanie to many people including my family and closest friends. I think very highly of Melanie and would never think of using anyone else.”

Happy in the city, Peggy F. says…

“I moved into the city almost 4 years ago from New Jersey. It was a tough decision for my husband who had grown up in New Jersey and wanted a small garden and a porch. I can’t believe Melanie found us a house with a garden and a porch in the city the same day it was listed (after looking for a few months). We made an appointment immediately as Melanie said the house was priced to sell and that if we wanted this house we would need to move quickly, so that’s what we did. We made a great offer and the owner accepted! We did not expect a seller’s assist since the house was priced slightly lower than market. Because of Melanie’s diligence, we did receive a seller’s assist. I would never buy or sell a prop-erty without Melanie.”


To contact Melanie, email her at [email protected].

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